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Summary: “ property manages advisory ” to arise at 20 centuries 90 time metaphase, but in current property government market, common property government adviser works to existing however a few big odd group, how does adviser of the meaning that the article basically discussed property government adviser to work, property government make very advisory work, and how to help cooperative unit provide excellent property government service for advisory project.

Advisory, " dictionary of contemporary Chinese language " the explanation is: Have the technical knowledge of some respect, lay the person that individual or office group consult. Property management is advisory, understandable also manage respect major knowledge and experience to have property, the property management that is a project or property management company provide the action that seek advice or coachs.

Property government adviser develops now, everybody already no longer unfamiliar, at present a few property of Shanghai manage an enterprise to be the home and even a few ten estate to develop business or property management company to offerring property to run advisory service at the same time inside a year of time, below the circumstance that turns white-hot with each passing day as a result of the competition of property government market of current Shanghai especially, of inland 2, the key client that 3 lines city already became Shanghai property to manage an enterprise to develop group.

One, the meaning that property government adviser works

Estate develops an enterprise to invite the purpose with property advisory management, nothing more than the following two: Property of famous brand of have the aid of manages the brand of the enterprise, seek more selling to nod, him help is sold better; Because not be familiar with property management business, the hope supervises the advisory work of the enterprise through famous brand property, provide excellent administrative service for owner.

And the main purpose that adviser of property management company offers adviser to cooperative enterprise depends on: Build good property management to serve a system through helping cooperative unit, popularize brand of property management company; Get certain economic get one's own back quickly.

Company of management of property of duty factor of property government adviser is actually direct management wants god-given much, because property supervises adviser besides it should know how to be done is good to should know how to be done beyond property management job, know how to make cooperate even unit (by advisory unit) finish established job. Accordingly, property manages what the enterprise pays close attention to more how to make good property supervise adviser namely, how to help cooperative unit provide excellent property government service for advisory project.

2, the “ that current property supervises advisory work encircles ” quite
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