How to make essence of life refine service brand

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Summary: Make essence of life refine service brand to need an industry from strengthen a business the demand of sincere letter construction, contented owner, executive essence refines service, compose to build managing model enterprise, diversified economy coexists wait for a respect to begin.

As the attune on the year after year of minimum wage standard and floor level of social insurance base, of social security system perfect, the labor cost year after year of property government industry rises, at the same time owner reachs resident to ask to rise ceaselessly to serving a standard, prices rises waited for a lot of element to create property management gain space is less and less, such, make essence of life refine service brand to appear particularly important.

1. Strengthen a business sincere letter construction is the premise that turns service brand subtly

Build a business system of sincere fuse manage, above all the proceed with of sincere letter consciousness from education faculty, on one hand, the strengthens pair of employee sincere letter consciousness that perserve is taught, build a public to monitor channel on the other hand, extend to owner regularly ask for opinion book or satisfaction to spend questionnaire, the publicity of the owner of park of sincere letter behavior that invites employee is supervised under; Next, build interior sincere letter mechanism, cogent go in the self-conscious action that transplants each government regulation to employee.

Honest be as good as one's word is the main essential factor that the enterprise manages, it is the lifeline of the enterprise, also be enterprise and the main base that owner hold together concerns, honest be as good as one's word should reflect the company sincere letter to the client already, want body to be opposite in the enterprise now again the sincere letter of employee. The sincere letter that holds to an enterprise only just can provide the most satisfactory service for owner; Hold to an enterprise to invoke the inherent power of employee to the sincere letter ability of employee only, make its provide the most excellent service for owner with the biggest sincere letter.

2. The demand of contented owner is the foundation that turns service brand subtly

Human nature is paid attention to to change management, close affection to change a service in the process that property serves, it is a process that we serve a concept to promote again to property management. It is the interest of attend to owner on one hand, from it is property management company is gotten substantially live the development, inevitable demand that builds ” of “ weak environment for owner. It is owner provided this platform for us on the other hand, reflect the value of enterprise and employee here, form both sides of supply and demand double winning aspect.

Property management company and owner are the relation of depend on sb or sth for existence of be as close as lips and teeth, if the lips are gone. If ignored the feeling of owner, property company will become water without a source, without this wood; If ignored the presence of property company, the rights and interests of owner also will not get ensuring. Accordingly, the place that we want urgent owner in the job is urgent, think the place of owner thinks, want to accomplish conversion to think above all before doing every thing, consider the issue a few more considerate; Think difficulty a few more complexly; Consider the plan that solves a problem a few more specific.
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