Property of Guangzhou city old the city zone manages countermeasure research

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[Summary] as a result of historical bequeath problem, the old the city zone of Guangzhou city was not executed generally specialization, commercialized property management. Advance construction of restful and harmonious community to accelerate, guangzhou municipal government strives property of old the city zone managed whole town of the implementation before the bottom to be enclothed in the round 2008. Article author suffers municipal government to entrust undertake survey, the property management that points out old the city zone on this foundation ought to execute “ the administrative pattern of Trinitarian ” , namely congress of autonomic sex owner and owner committee, professional on the foundation that tripartite of committee of dweller of property management company, sociality cooperates in equality, according to certain principle and tripartite agreement, the property that comprises unifinication jointly manages and serve community, execute property management to old the city zone jointly.


Community is urban cell, the history of urban modernization, it is the history of urban community modernization. Below planned economy system, “ enterprise does social ” to bring about industry economy efficiency low, community growth is scant, to improve the economic efficiency of the enterprise, the social function depart of need general enterprise comes out, hand in assume by community, then compose builds contemporary community; And go up in community construction issue, the government monopolizes no longer everything, ought to breed actively seek profits otherly gender or blame seek profits sexual organism, in making them collective participate in community to build, come, form the division of labor of community government and collaboration thereby. Generally speaking, the every in urban society has community to have property surely, regional feature makes property manages and close connection was established between community construction, property management represented the development way of community modernization, concentration reflected community to serve the prospective trend of industrialization. Property management serves an activity through professional management, raised the use function of property and economic benefits not only, realized property maintain value, rise in value, and the owner that still is property, use person built environment of a comfortable, quiet life, work. As people income level and consumption level rise, also rise subsequently to the job and the requirement of living environment, urban government expects property management with living requirement. Guangzhou municipal government advances construction of restful and harmonious community to accelerate, strive property of old the city zone managed whole town of the implementation before the bottom to be enclothed in the round 2008, create a beautiful, comfortable, safety, convenient living environment for dweller of old the city zone, this mirrorred Guangzhou municipal government to be civilian the benefit, determination that reinforces urban government, it is the administrative project of a huge and project of common feelings of people.
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