Commercial property runs analysis of main reference point

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1, manage an end

Commercial property (Lou Yu) have large space, much equipment, firm flow of much, guest is large wait for a characteristic, big, responsibility weighs the difficulty of property management and service. Average house kind the living place that property management basically runs a resident, serving a target is resident, and commercial property runs a place as a kind of commerce, the service object that its property administration faces is owner, tenement and client 3 respects, among them, tenement and client group not be long-term stability, flow however, of constant change, and origin is different, form complex, the business that because this property runs the stand or fall of the service,affects commercial property directly praise. Once content is in charge of an orgnaization to serve field occurrence accident in management, bring about tenement or client dissatisfaction, to property business praise have huge effect, and if lose tenement or customer accordingly, mean the faith that can lose property owner, lose administrative power of property be commissioned thereby, affect the economic benefits of this enterprise.

Accordingly, the content canal orgnaization of commercial property makes each square serve a goal approvingly to come true, break market condition of investigation and study with respect to otherwise, understanding vicissitude of the market and different tenement, client runs the diverse demand of the service and satisfactory level to property, with prep above market the service standard of general level satisfies them, win market competition.

2, run measure

Differ as a result of what serve a target the difference with market demand, than at residential property, commercial property is taller to the requirement of property management, stricter, on administrative measure, commercial property (Lou Yu) content is in charge of an orgnaization to answer code of basis concerned policy, strict formulate suits the regulations system that commercial property property runs one set, standard each professional rules of professional post and working instruction, conclude according to high level the job plans standard of kimono Wu quality, make commercial property holds safe and clean civilization, comfortable management position from beginning to end, to disobeying administrative stipulator, uniform rule undertakes handling by condemnatory byelaw.

3, commercial figure

The residence kind the main purpose of property design figure depends on beautification living environment, divide outside property is promoted to sell on certain level, go up in daily property management and consider without other business, and design criterion bear wears the figure of commercial property extremely strong trade mission, the commercial figure design of appropriate can cause potential desire to buy of the client to look, made formation is consumed realistically; Good exterior design, beautiful indoor scene decorates the commercial atmosphere that can make the client has artistic beauty for this kind and those who carry out oneself buy deed. Modern commercial large building (bazaar, store) use outstanding commercial figure design to make the client arises just about while aesthetic feeling is cheerful, guide client consumption, promote commercial sale thereby. The commercial property all without exception of success ranginging from... to... has the successful trade figure of develop a school of one's own, like square of commerce of Shenzhen gong bay the functional partition with reasonable science of inn of member of Mu of hill of unique atrium design, Shenzhen is waited a moment. In the meantime, comfortable, quiet and tastefully laid out shopping environment and harmony consume atmosphere in order, can establish the oneself figure with commercial good property not only, stimulative oneself business grows, still can have figure demonstrative effect, influence, drive circumjacent commerce property to form area development, achieve whole to promote circumjacent commerce environmental effect. Anyhow, hold property the main task that good figure is management of commercial property property.
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