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Property management company starts in China later, the talent shorts relatively, especially the project manager of high quality, more present the serious state that demand exceeds supply, the deficient of this kind of talent is quantitative lack not just, wait for the deficiency of many sided from structure of amount, quality, personnel however. And at the same time, the skill level of project manager reached crucial action since the service quality that manages a project to whole property again, because this is right most property management company will tell, the education of project manager is the main job that matters to company strategy development and whole industry development.

The unit such as construction ministry, guild already started property management to wait from certificate of director of certificate of qualification of post of staff of course of study, village before New Year from how groom and attestation project, but these certificate majority are given priority to with knowledge, did not inspect the real work ability of project manager from practical skill aspect. For example, the college graduate of strong finish school is OK very obtain property easily to run the post qualification letter from personnel of course of study, but the project manager that he is a qualification? Most company cannot decide a project manager commonly quite by certificate appoint. But how we inspect the professional skill level of manager of a project? How to undertake fostering to the project manager of on guard? Professionalism method can be offerred for us a few train of thought and draw lessons from.

The basic idea of professionalism of the first chapter

1.1 what is professionalism
Professionalism is not equal to tall record of formal schooling, also not be equal to high competent, high position, also not be equal to seasoned so called doer likewise. Professionalism includes by inside and outside the meaning of 3 administrative levels: Above all, from course of study personnel should reflect an accomplishment of a kind of profession, is not by individual interest go one's own way; Next, should master from personnel of course of study quite the professional skill of degree; Finally, professionalism should have the behavior standard with specific cause of one's own profession or behavior level, and work from personnel of course of study the requirement that should accord with this behavior standard or behavior level.

The 1.1.1 main features that having good professional accomplishment is professionalism
The main feature of one individual professionalism is whether he has good professional attitude, whether to reflect admirable professional wind in the job model, agree with regulation for shop from the heart, show very good profession accomplishment. With property management the project manager of the company is exemple, whether does project manager have the consciousness that wholehearted good faith serves for the client, whether to agree with the company culture of the company and strategic program, should become the professional feature with project the mainest manager. If project manager does not have good professional accomplishment, everybody has a law to not comply, do not handle affairs by flow and standard, eight saints go across the sea, each show its can (although be to stem from good intention sometimes) , seek the opportunity of regulations, bypass and row, form a dynamic vicious circle, so regulation and flow also became a decoration.
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