Property management company manages the reflection of promotion in the round

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As the ceaseless development of the development that housing reforms and real-estate industry, property management also enters the period of a rapid development; In the meantime, the country is relevant of legal laws and regulations ceaseless and perfect, what the market competes is increasingly intense, bring good good luck and enormous challenge to property management company, how normative and inside management, build what direct with serving owner to be to run a mechanism, straighten relationship of work of inside and outside, extend profit pattern, enhance core competition ability, it is the major task that all property management companies face. The article manages a company how to increase oneself management capacity in the light of current property, built the mechanism of modern business management that faces the market and service client to make a few discuss benignantly.

One, formulate development strategy

Clear and practical strategy plans, it is to build be opposite on the sufficient understanding foundation of feature of macroscopical environment, industry, competitor and oneself actual strength. Develop the strategy through making clear an enterprise, can make property management company grows a target certainly, dig oneself latent capacity adequately, promote company core competitive capability painstakingly, formulate corresponding poor dissimilation strategy and diversification strategy, promotion serves quality and brand plan strategy, extend fluctuation to swim fore-and-aft and integrated strategy, implement a measure through effective strategy, undertake strategic goal is decomposed, the interior government that is a company changes establish guideline and academic base, refine again on this foundation make the strategy implement measure, begin the implementation that will assure strategic goal with specific work.

2, perfect organization structure

Battalion of already of content of give attention to two or morethings of property management company and property management serve content of Wu of two great undertaking, accordingly, perfect origanization construction and station management system are indispensable. Below the premise of contented enterprise aptitude, to running a division, want a foundation piece the actual condition of the area provides enough village administrator and professional technology personnel, promotion property serves grade and quality; To managing headquarters, the need that also should admit according to the enterprise provides enough function administrator and management personnel, because,this is, without enough administrator help industry leader assumes the government that has daily routine to work, without enough give advice personnel can help industry leader undertake management a plan, be sure to bring about industry leader to busy all the day deal with all sorts of trifling incident, be immersed in the lair of day-to-day management, the development direction that centers energy to stand in high end to ponder over company future hard and development are politic, constant this before, the company is appearing from beginning to end necessarily problem - solve a problem - reappear - the loop below the position of low administrative levels that settles again, realize the development with efficient and rapid enterprise impossibly, company of this management of a lot of property in home is very global. Accordingly, regard property management as the company, must aggrandizement headquarters, enhance centralized government ability, the core function such as management of resource of unified management plan, financial management, manpower and brand conduct propaganda, promote a new height the government of the company.
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