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Zhao presents Beijing analysis, accelerate ceaselessly as what the city changes a course, zhengzhou future wants new increase a dweller 90 much people, and these National People's Congress will be become " with filling layer " .

An investigation of media showed the basis last year, the person that the person of 59.8 % thinks impact of tall house price is the biggest is medium income, they want the income that overdraws a few years not only, overdraw even the reeducate, opportunity that invest or does poineering work.

Zhengzhou town house is in charge of the investigation with newest bureau to show, in townsman, the housing of low income crowd of 5% should rely on a government to solve, remain 95% in, if press the person of 20% capable to buy commodity house, the person that income waits in the city that still has 75% so " hope the room is promoted sigh " .

Recently, an investigation that Chinese youth newspaper office can investigate net of central He Mou to be begun jointly shows, the person of 37.1% thinks, can not afford a room all one's life.

[Governmental the way to deal with a situation]

  Should build many 5000 this year " price fixing room "

On Feburary 22, print and distribute of general office of Zhengzhou municipal government " housing construction planned Zhengzhou city 2008 " , zhengzhou city will open the housing of price fixing commodity that builds 500 thousand square metre this year. Among them, will be in city of Jin Shui, Central Plains, canal, 27, the 5 areas inside the city such as benefit benefit, choose 1 ~ respectively 2 projects undertake pilot construction.

According to this plan, floor area should control house of Zhengzhou city price fixing it is under 90 square metre, door model give priority to with two bedrooms with compact three-room flat. Its are covered model housing construction scale is floor area under 90 square metre 100% . If press this standard computation, 500 thousand square metre builds an area to add up to 5556 about. Compare with the commodity house photograph that is the same as a sector of an area, price fixing house can be cheap 20% .

To price fixing room explain the person that buy, zhengzhou town house is in charge of bureau director Wang Anguo to divulge, abecedarian idea is number of households and total population of hold Zhengzhou city 5 years of above do not have room door, and income accords with limitative condition.

[Expert view]

  Price fixing room plans " do not calculate much "

But Zhao thinks into Beijing, the price fixing room of 500 thousand square metre builds a plan " do not calculate much " , if Zhengzhou after 3 years increase population newly 900 thousand person, 27 square metre calculate average per capita, so demand is in 2000 much square metre. If can be achieved annual 1.5 million square metre of 1 million ~ , the health that can carry price of provincial capital house already rises steadily, can complement in time again at present applicable room, cheap hires economy the current situation of the in short supply such as the room.
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