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Yesterday, " daily economy news " from achieve brightness the headquarters that hire carry out understands, achieve at present brightness hire carry out to had begun to restore to do business in the door inn of and other places of Shenzhen, Dongguan. To circumstance of Shanghai door inn, zhang Min of manager of department of this company layout expresses, the situation that is in Shanghai at present to the company is not very clear, but predict to will new high level holds a post to Shanghai.

In Shanghai Yuan Chuanghui of the road austral Wan Ping was hired a few days ago what carry out has not do business is new the inn that add the gate, already turned into another intermediary company. The representative is achieved brightness the staff of an intermediary company of relet of shop of the Shanghai that hire carry out expresses, of the representative achieve brightness 200 doors inn has made over half left and right sides, the part is hired to do storefront by other intermediary company, the part is hired to use as other utility, the price of its relet is mixed roughly should the price that newly established brightness hires each storefront is similar.

Each city branch already ran line of business

Zhang Min introduces, the quarto at the beginning of this year only then, the door inn of the area such as Guangzhou, Dongguan begins to do business, and land add add has relevant door inn to begin to restore to do business, end to be achieved yesterday without data statistic at present brightness how many inn does business normally, the target of company future still should become the throughout the country intermediary of the biggest house property.

The salary of employee of the shop in doing business, adopt every to clinch a deal after commission of one only collection, allot deduct a percentage from a sum of money, before it is to should take deduct a percentage from a sum of money of reappearance of a lot of programs mostly. The commission that clinchs a deal currently outside the one part besides deduct a percentage from a sum of money, below the can reporting a group premise of the others, the course agrees, charge of electricity of the hire of the door inn in using area to be protected oneself, water pay.

From the newspaper family property accumulated over a long time is attracted invest

Achieve brightness an employee represents the Shanghai district that hires carry out, the wage that the company defaults is fair without settle accounts still. To this Zhang Min expresses, current company reimbursement still is facing a few difficulty, on one hand the partial house property of the company is conserved by the government, next, have the venture capital investment that is close to 10 orgnaization and achieve brightness have a contact, among them a few have cooperative intention, but because want to have relevant flow, the relevant time that reachs the designated position because of this capital is returned cannot specific and affirmatory, repay related in undertaking actively.
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