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The make a false report in asking a process protects individual hidden from view, of illicit before will make comprehensive and true income million a surname round-the-world edifice, the economic atmosphere of family of full-time orgnaization dweller to the job evaluates information in carry, rash advance hires foundations layer to accept the window into the cheap of this system, receive application to teach appoint etc build between departmental door, letter material explain refer complement to prove material, the opportunity asks dweller family economy to get a phenomenon to fly edifice.

What cause from this is medium cheap of good-paying group falsely claim as one's own hires room problem to make a person thoughtful: In pursueing course of public welfare policy, how to let finite communal resource allocation get fair justice, prevent someone " take the chance hijack " ? All precious jade international square is current, shanghai is building inside whole town limits " income checks system " , hopeful eliminate cheap hires Fang Shen to ask the phenomenon of falsely claim as one's own of make a false report in the process.

Mayili of director of bureau of Shanghai civil administration introduces, this one system is in ground of civil administration, room, fly continent tax of international square labor, wealth, industrial and commercial, public security, finance administration, religion appoint etc information switching equipment is built to make between departmental door, in obtain an individual to agree, below the premise that protects individual privacy, undertake comparing right, collect to each income information of the applicant, with mastering its actual condition Home Xu collects international edifice. For instance, duty Wu branch masters an applicant pay tax circumstance, accumulation fund management department is witting situation of its capture gold, these will make comprehensive and real income news.

Shanghai still is preparing to construct be engaged in income checking full-time orgnaization of the job- - " dweller family economic atmosphere evaluates a center " , this orgnaization has begun to try move, it is independent at departmental door, "The domestic income that has whole city of management, guidance checks the job, the duty such as analysis and data of information of research family income " . Basic level accepts the window to get application material, undertake simple first after the nucleus, send material to this center to undertake final " income checks " .

It is reported, undertook in the crowd that Shanghai already rented a house in cheap of 61 street application " income checks system " pilot, will extend this year to the urban district 100 many street. Up to by March, the cheap that enters this system hires Fang Shen to ask a family to have 2024, check of different bussiness trip have 318, occupy 15.7% . To the applicant that is given by check, still give normally affirm afresh, the opportunity that submits additional proof data; If do not grant to change or do not make any reply, issue check report, break one's promise its behavior newspaper sends Shanghai to draft letter system and concerned function section.
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