Shanghai is the most popular this year plot unmanned competition

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Singapore benevolence south greenbelt of wedge of Heng Jidong channel, plot is belonged to outside Shanghai of conglomeration of tall bridge collect is all, famous land agent has finally only however benevolence begin to undertake making an on-the-spot investigation in detail already, the house price that constant real estate is selling at present collects silver-colored square, most suffer attention residence to hang out his shingle with the ground in calm, end in large omnibus development, the project resides round under one's name child.

On July 25, shanghai comes this year most the Pudong that suffers attention residence to use one of land east channel wedge inferior south greenbelt of form of business affairs building piece plot of living area A1-1, A1-2 hangs out his shingle to end in calm, only below the circumstance that business of a development signs up, subsidiary of under one's name of group of Singapore Ren Heng clinchs a deal with 1.19 billion yuan of base price.

Holy love square is a many short lunar time, this residential plot that is thought Shanghai is the most popular this year originally is chased after from everybody hold chilly wind up in both hands. Go as Shanghai building city situation gradually low fan, business of the development on Shanghai to hind city also becomes quite confused.

Explain plot of communication breath square unmanned competition

Pudong of small family large building east south channel wedge greenbelt piece plot of living area A1-1, A1-2 is the first large area that rolls out since Shanghai half an year is much pure residence plot, plot is belonged to outside the project of large omnibus development that tall bridge group plans to perfect " dark the Gao Qiao outside orchid · " one part, talk with land program and situation, can compares city of bay of the 2nd new river of Shanghai.

On June 18 once plot comes out to be become come this year most one of lot that get attention, the reporter understands, in all 40 development business got plot to hang out one's shingle file, among them almost include Shanghai is all and famous land agent. Meanwhile, include and write down and other places of group of land of Huang Bu, gold to produce a tycoon to begin to undertake making an on-the-spot investigation in detail already. But, sign up till plot end 23 days of time, have Ren Heng finally only however real estate signs up. Hang out one's shingle end that day afternoon 14 when 46 minutes, the distance ends half many hour, without the subordinate of benevolence constant group of any competitors two companies are combined with 1.19 billion yuan hang list price case to be picked easily plot.

At present area of outer Gao Qiao has had benevolence constant real estate to manage a building dish " Ren Heng home " , building dish price is close to 20 thousand yuan / square metre. And the building that plot of sell one's own things draws near to be being sold at present dish it is project of golden ground future, the house price that selling at present is in 13000-14000 yuan / square metre left and right sides.
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