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Do one's best is captured before the Olympic Games buy great majority to leave, besides open example ahead of schedule store interpose of a can sells a building is, sale of city of near future building compares an Olympic Games greatly the battalion of intense competition, sell big hair to hope be puzzled is development business more to square of the annulus in buying, the home is cast piece repeat in those days the outstanding achievement of 10 thousand yuan of brilliant business that enter " leaves " however, the sale first half of the year sells the home like person meaning very much.

Olympic Games drawing near, rise from all directions of beacon of fight of building city sale, skill building dish invite secondhand intermediary sells a building is sale of city of near future building shopping centers of international of Shanghai of one big heat.

Hundred years Olympic Games is about to pull open square of prelusive gold yulan magnolia now, with the Olympic Games together fervent, still have development business is pressing the mood that sells a building. As a result of the wait-and-see ups and downs of the estate market first half of the year, went already 2008 of the half, the outstanding achievement of business of great majority development leaves sale target photograph to go however very far. Add force step by step fast capital chain, draw near accordingly Olympic Games, be in last weekend, li still international, elegant room is Le Yubin government office, medium sea 璟 sunshine each building such as 10 lis of Hua Ting, circumference dish open example ahead of schedule in succession, do one's best seizes the appeal Ruijin large building that buys the home before the Olympic Games, one explore market reacts.

Besides open example ahead of schedule store guest labor guest, " sells the linkage of hand of just a little of " of general mobilization of the whole people that heat of city of building of Guangzhou of this paragraph of time discusses the building also begin to appear piece spread trend, golden alluvion, time area of edifice of bus of century of new city of area of Yu, sea bead, Pearl River, white cloud appeared " skill building borrows secondhand a record that sells " . Whole in July, guangzhou building city performed a can the sale big fight of more intense than the Olympic Games competition. Besides depreciate besides, development business begins " of " concoct various pretexts to attract buy the home: ⑺ of Qu of target of appropriate of ⑺ of arc of drop of all of ⑺ of a low bank of earth between fields of  of beat up fine long hair spits? of  of hare of Mei Wei ⑺ to send even go abroad swim, fervent and easy backside is the angst that develops business shipment; And " annulus city on the west garden scene building head pay 160 thousand yuan to rise, the Milky way of north of course of study of 130 thousand period buy... the estate advertisement " such as " two becoming a temptation that pays " is development business to buy the home to cast the " olive " that go out; Same, be located in Guangzhou western some dish is in taste newly "2 is rolled out along with all the others when rolling out 10 thousand pay make plan of job of master " relaxed buy, hope to repeat more in those days what " enters " 10 thousand yuan is brilliant.
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