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Their language compares me their only alternative, the life aim that is them compares us is one kind is opposite then, of life aim truer friend the 80 friend after, friendship is more genuine more friendly also hair we the 60 people after and Jia Qi edifice, happiness is far often can say than accomplishing one word more one, that is caused us to be opposite so life price, one kind of the value is exhibited to a word of life aim people more genuine.

We need to face today 80 hind, go knowing them equally, thorough ground understands them to grow peak center, if such, we can discover to there is the advantage that lots and lots of our places do not have after 80 years: Their language is more genuine than us, the 80 this generation people after, it is good that the inchoate education that get should compare us. Remember my elementary school one grade, we still had used old textbook of Culture Revolution colorific, even exercise content of maths, want to hang a hook with class struggle. This kind of style of writing that does not tell the truth, masses finance edifice to us it is influential more or less, but 80 hind was not affected by this kind, no matter they are to be in style or manner of writing, in still interacting, more genuine than us, more lead a gender.

Their friendship is more genuine than us, if you go having a look at Zhao treasure,the Xin of firm director amounts to an edifice " struggle " , you are with respect to constant regular meeting 80 hind this kind of friendship that dares to take on is touched: Piece in live in " heartbreak is Utopian " a flock of 80 hind people, the position is different, fortune is different also, but their friendship had never gone however, and mutual between, carry the obligation before a friend and responsibility responsibly in with one one's heart forever. Investigate its reason, because,be, their majority is a singleton female, because do not have square of business affairs of river of brotherly sister money, they have brother impossibly to help each other like us, the sister helps, they choose exclusively even if be friend development true brotherly sister. So, the 80 friendship after also are worth us more sincerely to envy more.

Their life purpose is truer than us, we the 60 people after often can say a word, is the person living be to do bit of thing? Think carefully actually, this word is incorrect, if it is right, that is one kind is opposite of life aim " dissimilation " , the person is living it is for happiness, is not to do a thing. As a result of this word, make we 60 hind the value that judge a person easily with so called achievement, on the contrary, we think only successful life just is real life. Causing us so is one-way to the judgement of life value spend. Everybody noticed, the 60 people after have the true friend that crosses estate rarely, boss and boss intercourse, employee and employee contact, say from this kind of meaning we are very ritzy. But the 80 people after live more clearly than us however, they are not living for the career, it is living for happiness. And happiness is far morer than making one statement yuan change, so, the 80 people after may use all sorts of condition happiness the ground is living, and need not go after that must achievement. Accordingly, they also are willing and make friend without the person of achievement. In the 80 circle after, the friend that crosses estate must be more, and still be true friend!
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