Prospective policy moves toward the interest of preferential safeguard usurer

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The building mortgages loan extends expensive real estate is faced with raw material, makings rise in price show level to borrow money to be become originally American second bank is done not have at the outset, strict according to taller head pay what class mortgages loan to violate, lead the communalize field in nearly a few breath to believe Shanghai store heart to reduce about etc, the problem still is led relatively the United States is faced second borrow danger, the symptom of machine used a height is to be a few years ago.

The situation that reporter of weekly of conduct financial transactions understands from different respect makes clear, the news that each bank has pressure checks is confidential all the time, specific algorithm also each are not identical. But the principle is what meet according to silver-colored inspect is relevant " how-to " file of edifice of Hai Yinguo border.

Sun Zhaodong thinks, the building mortgages loan extends the height is to be a few years ago, those who show level loan principal and interest remand rate is higher. But according to foreign experience, take no account of economic cycle element, after mortgaging rate of reimbursement break a contact to remand in loan the 6th year often square happening increases force treasure faster.

According to foreign media exposure, when the United States sub the rate of break a contact that mortgages loan is in close new China couplet edifice a few months tend stable when, the break a contact that the 9 times first step at sub loan borrows money leads dimensions to rise in twice however. Sun Zhaodong thinks, this was mirrorred when systematic risk appears, good loan also is met by be a burden on, extend like what first step borrows money Shanghai square, the bank is done not have at the outset strict according to taller head pay (30%) scale is carried out, break a contact is led may bigger.

Be on guard and want work along both lines to developing a room to shift a risk

Sun Zhaodong thinks, at present systematic risk is being increased. Real estate is faced with raw material to rise in price, taller, significant demand reduces loan interest rate, market confidence falls low problem, evidence shows price of real estate is adjusted can be by this year spread out first half of the year to next year.

"The United States faced symptom of a trend that shifts the crisis to use science to rushing. " Sun Zhaodong says, "American experience is to use interest rate and taxation method, alleviate demand person pressure. Lower interest rate quickly, reduce usurer reimbursement specified number, take the step that reduce tax at the same time. But at present China cannot completely imitated United States. Be on guard and want work along both lines to shifting a risk to the room, it is macroscopical policy suit the remedy to the case above all, next bank system should aggrandizement management, had made beforehand case.

About monetary policy, sun Zhaodong citing suggests " if CPI downtrend establish, so we should be in lower interest rate for a short while. One party faces the risk of be issued to lower levels of strong real-estate industry, on the other hand interest rate of change our country adjusts long periodic way, suit with short period and answer the challenge of internationalization, maintain economy to continue to develop more quickly smoothly. "
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