Do not own housing land property according to Chinese law owner

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Or be no matter be,collect city according to external state of affairs by the country, still be the stock market goes up the more most stock market of American new York is big, drop cause whole world economy when the crisis is fierce, close and here has a be used to so general not easy, go up rise same and once begin to rise, halt estate not easily, the market because of capital concentrated sex law answers use to collect inferior edifice.

Oneself are exercitation lawyer, know very well law of the law in the basis, owner does not own housing land property, have access only, have access of 70 years only at most, that is to say, after 70 years, edifice of life of person of land ownership life ended (if house of house property trade built 3 years, owner has land access of 67 years only, if empty buy 2 years, have 65 years only) , to be expended to access of national pay land afresh then or can use freely later, or it is by national ground external state of affairs is called in use, unknown, this is in jural still be blank. But 70 years total meeting goes, this day of total meeting comes. Because Shanghai enrols trade bureau edifice,promulgate about law before long, so the earliest commodity house also leaves land access deadline still far. But people is met more and more realize this problem. And access of land of not all house property is 70 years, some has 50 years only. But what decide house price in the market now often is traffic, a sector of an area, environment wait, never consider land access time limit, when people begins to consider this issue generally, the country develops the room value with little time of access of land of bank large building to drop necessarily, especially what room age grows is secondhand room.

6, no matter be to collect city, still be the stock market, or it is option market, when Baoan edifice goes up the badliest the more, when be about to see a top namely.

1929 stock market of American new York drops greatly before causing crisis of whole world economy, go up especially greatly, trade hot. Building city also is such. Hong Kong before room city bubble is undone 1997, building of citizen scare buying queueing up dish. And here has an inertial law, value jumps over big commodity, should go up it is more difficult to rise, but once go up,rise, can last longer. For instance stock, if be grail, market prise 100 100 million, so general go up not easily rise, because want to drive it, want more fund, and once begin to rise, halt not easily, unlike the price of green vegetables, a day likelihood 3 change, or cannot measure euqally as the idea of the girl. Same estate market because capital is concentrated, once rise, can last for a long time, but once begin dropping sentence, also turn round not easily, for instance Hong Kong, 1997 to 2002, be as long as 5 years, drop go 60% . The evidence that Japanese economy appeared to anabiosis 2004, but house price again defeat 5% . Price of house of the last few years rises tremendous, now already is final insanity, had been a spent force that cannot wear rash white, although continue to rising, if give the time that rise,impose the sentence of a deadline nevertheless, I think won't be 10000.
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