The 24th room exhibits Harbin meeting proceedings of a conferences gets attentio

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Harbin house of the 24th commodity is on sale, the 5th secondhand the room trades congress and 2007 spring residence are relevant industrial product Fair will be in Harbin on April 5 international can exhibit a sports center to pull open heavy curtain. As we have learned, the 24th room postpones proceedings of a conference " building city information " (the following abbreviation " information " ) also will follow exhibit can give heat, its are compilatory the support that the job got a lot of development companies. A few days ago, a lot of common people that are about to buy a house call an organizing committee to book this proceedings of a conferences.

It is reported, breath out port building as comprehensive introduction dish figure, the house that buys a room to do series to coach for common people postpones proceedings of a conference, all the time since get the wide attention of social all circles, already became broad of the person that buy a house " jewel of buy course of study " . Current exhibit meeting proceedings of a conferences to be in held to go to an advantage column outside, rely on 3 characteristics and added a lot of functions newly board piece, enhanced the readability of the journal.

Content is rich, formal diversity. " information " divide city of scanning of city of industry interview, building, comparatively well-off studio, building to look newly in all board, building city focusing, happy dak, buy Fang Xiaotie person, investment new view, secondhand room gas station 8 board piece. Reach this port building city from estate policy new trends, new information, new heat; From estate policy authority solves code to buy room small humour, formal not stick to one pattern, landed knowledge everything needed is ready; From purchase bridal chamber to arrive secondhand house business, all programs are solved for the citizen one by one.

Accept numerous scale wide, deeply welcome. " information " be on sale as house of the 24th commodity the proceedings of a conferences of the meeting, its accept numerous scale in buying room group effectively taller. Current exhibit meeting general to establish special registry office to extend proceedings of a conferences, so that enlarge its further,send to the limit of one's capacity and influence rate.

Content authority, readability is strong. " information " with unscrambled form, policy of a lot of real estate policy that in recent years country and province municipal government allot, union has judge actually, convenient reader is referenced.