"2007 estate peaks of brand China are met "

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On April 19, 2007, gentleman of essence of life of sea of Zheng of chairman of committee of collaboration of president of company of international of MK of ﹑ of adviser of Xuan of Korea president Luwu, afro-asian business affairs is attend " 2007 estate peaks of brand China are met " thing, hurry to Beijing from Korea on a special trip, with Chinese enterprise reform and development seminar secretary-general banquet founds a state the doctor undertakes kind chat, meet to how using this peak platform, with respect to investment Chinese matters concerned made be communicated deep and communicate, reach multinomial cooperative consensus, hold to what the peak meets offerred a lot of very precious proposals.

Zheng chairman says: "My individual special the estate market that values China, value this platform, more value this peak to meet. This ' 2007 estate peaks of brand China are met ' held in people congress hall in June, my general attends this summit can intercurrent performance says. As president of MK international company, I hope very much can establish cooperative relationship with Chinese estate business, the seek MK development in Chinese estate group space. I wish ' estate peak meets 2007 China of brand China ' hold the victory. I wish ' estate peak meets 2007 China of brand China ' hold the victory..

Seminar secretary-general banquet founds a state the gentleman expresses, this Cilaihua seeks Zheng chairman my seminar and express to attend a peak to meet, it is the accredit of pair of our seminar and support, we express to welcome and be thanked. In the meantime, this " the peak is met " the participation that gets MK international company and support are sure to become " the peak is met " the another focus that is paid close attention to, be certain this meeting general gives the summit join the enterprise of the meeting and personage to bring more surprises!

He still expresses, this seminar sponsors " 2007 estate peaks of brand China are met " released on media recently hind, caused the extensive self-identity of industry and attention. In the meantime, appeared socially a few illegal organizations, unit ill will slanders and atttack actually, suspicion " the peak is met " organization, held authenticity. He is very furious, the industry peak that he dare not believe to he runs much field all the time for years is met forum, times get of the support of industry and leader praise, approbate, but now unexpectedly somebody is in evil do, he says angrily: I should plan to hold a press conference, make a statement to industry and media with this, "2007 estate heights of brand China are met " sign up at present attend an unit to already had many 100, and defection period time of a month, won't suffer its to affect so and can hold as scheduled. And so called calumniatory circumstance, he says he can make the case go finding out with concerned branch, especially the origin of information and issue an unit, will check its the purpose of lawful sex and fact, truth, investigate the legal duty related its with this, hope industry business, concerned unit and media do not want by its misdirect by becloud, must pay close attention to this matter.
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