"Orchard star city " bind collect fees do not hand in neat charge to be not take

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Last year, citizen Huang Mou bought one ring house in area of A of village of city of star of orchard of sweet lane area, entered on January 20 this year door when, he is asked that he must hand in 3 half-moon bags to burn cost and the 500 yuan rubbish that decorate guaranty gold to reach 200 yuan to handle cost, otherwise not feed-in door key. A few days ago, a few dwellers join this division the book breaths out a newspaper, do this plant interrogatory property company " bind collect fees " practice whether too overbearing?

19 days, the reporter comes to the village of orchard star city near road of exceeding lofty or great of sweet lane area, through covering village household understanding arrives, resident of property company demand is entered door when besides should the bag of pay burns cost, property cost outside, even pay decorates quiet carriage of guaranty gold, rubbish. Take a key to be taken as soon as possible, most dweller presses requirement pay these charge, but dwellers feel rough quite in the heart: This kind will " decorate guaranty gold " etc the fee that ought not to pay and should hand in what charge undertakes binding to collect fees means, let a dweller have a kind of feeling that is coerced.

In addition, a dweller with yellow surname tells a reporter, this year on January 20, he hands in a bag to burn take time finite liability company installs heat addition of property of Ceng Xiangxiang lane port branch staff member puts forward: "Today had been on January 20, why should receive my home do 3 half-moon bags burn cost? " the female staff member of a responsible make out an invoice replies, development business says how to be handed in, how do they close. The reporter enters a requisition to go up in what owner Huang Mou offers see, village of orchard star city develops business to develop limited company for Heilongjiang Kunlun estate, another enters a formalities to go up show into door when must hand in 3 half-moon bags to burn cost.

As we have learned, according to " the announcement that bureau of Harbin city price expends about building residential dweller to enter a collection heating " requirement, build the residence to be entered during heating door, the unit such as development company or property company can press actual heating month to collect fees to resident. To next month 20 days are month of a heating 20 days that month, in heating the middle of a month, 15 days (contain 15 days) with adduction half month heating is expended, 15 days of above collect fee of heating of a month. As we have learned, deadline of Harbin city heating is annual came on October 20 second year on April 20.

The reporter understands from bureau of residence of city house property, of collection of village of orchard star city decorate guaranty gold to do not have a basis, property management unit must not borrow door machine forcibly collection. The basis concerns a provision, collection the premise of 200 yuan rubbish quiet carriage is to answer to sign an agreement with owner beforehand, be not decorated or oneself clear avoid hand in. To violating relevant regulation collect fees behavior, the citizen has authority to be informed against to prices branch.
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