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Guangzhou on May 3 special telegram 3 days, in Guangzhou grand town square waits to take a floor cling to the person that sees a room still in an endless stream, but wave of Guangzhou citizen Liu did not join this main force seeing a room however, because Guangzhou city planned to add 14 new community to build a project again 2007, construction government safeguard housing 23 thousand, this let old Liu You see a hope.

2003 Guangzhou house price every square metre just 3888 yuan, but a few years subsequently Guangzhou house price rises considerably, feburary 2007 commodity house all valence more achieved every square metre 7729 yuan, rose nearly one times. Of house price rise considerably the dream that lets year of income do not cross 20 thousand yuan Liu wave discovery to own the building that belongs to his more and more come true hard.

Begin from 2005, liu Bo has free time to see a room, this 51 also had planned to see a few buildings dish. However Guangzhou municipal government announced project of residence of new 2007 community in before 51 golden weeks two days however specific construction plan and commodity house use the land specific supply a plan, the plan added 14 new community to build a project again 2007, construction government safeguard housing 23 thousand.

And, the party favour new market that regards 14 new community as one of projects is new community economy is applicable the room builds a project already on April 29 start working, have 3 project general additionally at the near future early or late start working construction, began construction 2007 the new community floor area of construction will achieve 1.49 million square metre, all projects Yu Ming hind two years in succession consign is used.

Li Ming deputy director general expresses bureau of canal of room of Guangzhou city land, in 14 new community, solve besides the key that is located in downtown outside tearing open change door and danger to defeat the housing problem of room citizen, the housing of comprehensive and contented government of the others ensures the housing demand of of all kinds citizen in the system, the construction of these 14 new community is undoubtedly low income family brought a hope in Guangzhou.

As we have learned, guangzhou city publishs a regulation, every belongs to number of households and total population of Guangzhou city town, family year average per capita can control income under 18287 yuan, living space of average per capita under 10 square metre, and did not enjoy buy a room to change room, solution tired room, how to reside room, economy applicable room and attend unit interior to collect money the family that advocates the policy of the privilege that buy a house such as the room, all can apply for to buy economy applicable room.

Liu Bo expresses, oneself domestic condition accords with application qualification completely, should OK application offers to the government " room of common feelings of people " , so this 51 do not see a room.
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