Harbin dweller " blowdown is expended " rise 80% delegates are dissatisfactory

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Now, sewage disposal of haing city resident expends the price to adjust a hearing to hold. 32 delegates such as scholar of delegate of haing city resident, enterprise delegate, lawyer, teacher, expert attended a hearing. Representing are whole to this price one's style of work as well as one's moral quality express to agree, but adjust range generally to the price exorbitant dissatisfactory.

Introduce for catchment group spokesman according to breathing out city, according to " price of urban water supply runs way " should abide by about price of urban water supply " compensation cost, reasonable profit, managing with water, fair burden " principle, consult the practice of city of other provincial capital, rise in price considering raw material, cannot foreknow wait for what the element reachs an inhabitant to bear ability, expend the program that collection standard offers to be to adjusting sewage disposal: Cost of dweller sewage disposal imposes a standard by 0.5 active yuan / stere adjusts 0.9 yuan / stere, blame dweller (industry of administrative career, industry, management service, special type) sewage disposal cost imposes a standard by 0.9 active yuan / stere adjusts 1.2 yuan / stere.

Dweller " blowdown is expended " go up panel height amounts to 80 %

Cost of dweller sewage disposal imposes a standard by 0.5 active yuan / stere adjusts 0.9 yuan / stere, the extent that move price amounts to 80 % , sewage disposal of dweller of and rather than expends the extent that move price to be 33 % . To this, delegate of most hearing of witnesses thinks the extent that move price is exorbitant, collect a standard to adjust extent prep above to be not cost of dweller sewage disposal to collected a standard to express objection to cost of dweller sewage disposal especially.

Zheng Feng of lawyer of director of three-dimensional attorney office is opposite Heilongjiang the inspect careful cost of group of careful of inspect of cost of bureau of haing city price produced demur, the depreciation cost in thinking sewage disposal calculates cost, financial cost exorbitant, due still depreciate space. The sewage disposal project that the BOT means that uses according to sewage treatment plant of peace and tranquility builds, operation cost is in 0.59 yuan / stere, and the sewage disposal cost that at present haing city calculates for catchment group is 1.41 yuan / stere, the standard that the country sets to integrated sewage disposal expends city of ground level above is not under 0.8 yuan / stere, the cost after bureau of price of this haing city offers the data that catchment group provides to undertake calculating through breathing out city is 0.86 yuan / stere, no matter return the operation cost that is sewage treatment plant according to national relevant specification, 0.9 yuan / the price of stere has some of on the high side. Although delegate of resident of haing city each district agrees to adjust sewage disposal fee, but exchange price range also expresses exorbitant.
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