Haing city " Long Jiang the first village " will reframe make land of first sele

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Area of haing city loose north " Long Jiang the first village " transform a program to had signed up for batch, according to the program, "Long Jiang the first village " will undertake centralized scene of infrastructure and the whole such as heat addition, air feed and drainpipe net in the round transform, after transforming " Long Jiang the first village " the first selection land that will make haing city citizen travel to suburb meal.

According to introducing, "Long Jiang the first village " was 1998 the cataclysm contributes the village that build to turn by countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference afterwards house project, execute property to turn management. From 1999 " Long Jiang the first village " start business of the first restaurant rises, already developed more than 40 at present, its characteristic meal has in Harbin certain famous degree. Big top child after project of button of hill boat armature is finishing, "Long Jiang the first village " will develop line of scenery of village edge river, construction reveals fishing village scene, go angling to wait " fishing culture " culture garden.

As we have learned, "Long Jiang the first village " after whole is transformed, hotel of proper development family, will original inn course of study carries archives to upgrade, again according to the program, monarch builds integrated business recreational street, if does salon of hall of farmhouse characteristic dining-room, teahouse, recreation, artist and small-sized supermarket inside, provide a service for the tourist. Eating all sorts of characteristic cate, living the farmhouse hotel of having a unique style, still can lie fallow to the side of the river, plus the swan lake that transforms by inland river, let a citizen eat repeatedly belt drink still can travel. Such, after transforming " Long Jiang the first village " will become a citizen to lie fallow on the weekend weekend first selection ground.