Shorten guaranty of loan time house property borrows money but " negotiate a pri

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When guaranty of conduction house property borrows money, building value is OK as direct as the bank " negotiate a price " , absolve insurance. Recently, subbranch of a bank of major of loan of building of Harbin commercial bank rolls out this business, the person that borrow money not only can the assessment that leave out brushstroke does not poor is expended, loan time can shorten even for 1 day.

According to breathing out major of loan of commercial firm building controller of subbranch of a bank introduces, current, house property mortgages the financing cost of loan includes house property to evaluate cost, insurance premium and guaranty to register charge to wait, partial commercial bank still includes a lawyer to witness charge to wait. Among them house property evaluates cost to be occupied mediumly in whole financing cost than be 50% ~ about 80% . Value of mortgage loan building " negotiate a price " business, it is to point to loan applicant to trade through buying bill, house according to the building with the bank the price of the account on card of tax bill, house property perhaps should go a variety of price basises such as the price of guaranty building guidance that interior uses, will negotiate value of affirmatory building guaranty, need not evaluate thereby. "Negotiate a price " it is client leave out not only brushstroke does not poor assess fee, still make loan time the shortest shrink to 1 day. In the meantime, the person that do business to satisfy citizen and individual classics further mortgages to house property the demand of loan, should return the will longest reimbursement all right period lengthen to highest 15 years, and need not be cast protect a room to borrow danger.