And write down Huang Bu to take Shanghai Qu Chen again 20% equity

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Since 27 days, by spirits of sugar of tobacco of bay of Lu of Shanghai nicotian group limited company holds some Shanghai to bend limited company of commodity of official family name 40%EquityMedium 20% equity hang out his shingle in bourse of Shanghai combination property right make over, make over valence to be 36 million yuan. Shanghai bends the large stockholder of limited company of commodity of official family name, bend group of official family name to will suffer with the Hong Kong that writes down yellow Bu banner to fall allow this equity of 20% .

The company of mark basically is engaged in smoke, candy, food, Chinese and WesternMedicines and chemical reagents, the general merchandise retail trade of medical apparatus and instruments, health food and cosmetic Wu, register capital 50 million yuan, up to on November 30, 2007, the company possessory rights and interests of mark is one hundred and seventy-seven million nine hundred and ten thousand yuan. Before its oneYearNet profit is eighteen million eight hundred and five thousand three hundred and sixty yuan.

"Cession equity just is taken over directly by harbor, just hang out his shingle in property right bourseProgramJust. " the concerned personage that is in charge of this project property right trading expresses so yesterday. In addition, suffer in intent in allowing square condition fully faint also the information that shows large stockholder to buy, "Below coequal condition, the commodity that has home of 10 years of above and international is retail enterprise (blame join in inn form) battalion carries and purchase experience, already adopted solely invested or joint-stock form in this cityInvestment
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