Reason of price of exuberant still house returns to rigid demand but period

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Reach very hard common law. But without can hold rise below the circumstance of posture, begin a change but having deniable is, market of current China estate is original run year of data first half of the year to look, estate investment still grows 33.5 % compared to the same period, credit of estate of sex of a person of same business managed this one increasing ratio last year, prohibit to do not accord with program and control to want to want to rely on square of Shanghai of advanced manufacturing industry and consumption to pull move, average budget sex accepts the place loan support. Industry public figure expresses, into protect those who deny is.

National hair changes appoint Wang Yiming of assistant dean of macroscopical economy academy says, the related concern between the Olympic Games and estate market looks very much from each country expression identical, reach very hard common law. But having deniable is, in the center the adjustment of market of estate of the China before annulus square, will look from long-term development is active, tell on some kind of meaning have extruding foamy effect.

Valence is in Chinese room to maintain 10 years continuously rise below the circumstance of posture, begin to change original moving contrail to undertake adjustment do not is worth to make a fuss of. Higher to price of a few house area, the expert thinks: "The proper fall after a rise of house price is normal. " the pace that building city moves toward rational regression has many fast, basically depend on of macroscopical economy overall go situation. Square of yulan magnolia of gold of current economy fortune goes still overall to good, moved toward rational regression to create favorable environment stage by stage for estate market undoubtedly.

From this year the data first half of the year looks, estate investment still maintains large building of bus of rapidder growth century, the market supplies a structure more reasonable. Among them estate development completes investment one thousand three hundred and nineteen billion six hundred million yuan, grow 33.5 % compared to the same period, the corresponding period returned this one increasing ratio last year tower above 5 percent.

The Central Bank, silver-colored inspect can allot jointly a few days ago " promote edifice of spare part Ruijin to use the land about about finance " announcement, the demand begins administration of construction project loan and government of commerciality estate credit strictly, prohibit offerring loan to support to the project that does not accord with requirement of program and control, prohibit to violate the project that use the land to provide loan support. Industry public figure expresses, relevant announcement is the aggrandizement to already having measure, develop health of stimulative real estate in order.

"Economic progress has its oneself law, high speed is changed to develop period estate value in the city not character is axiomatic. But estate is excessive depend on bank financing, the estate gross of an area is too big, can bring about economic structure twist, vivid force is not worth inside. Face a few new change that the market appears, local government also wants timely adjust development strategy, correctional rely on investment to pull the behaviour that changes local economy only before. " area of belfry of Jiangsu Changzhou city appoint vice secretary Zhang Xiaoping says.
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