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Arrived the most intuitionistic reflect. This one result, the message that accord with is, this September, those who develop business is big drop two into. "This, can be we betted only buy a house people will treat 100 disease? Data shows: The city depreciated in July, not terrible. We most carry the vane that exhibit, more what drive a heart to whole long three-cornered because of it is to go up portion, grow what trigonometry represents a city to need data to show for Hong Kong square, july, shanghai commodity house is new dish of psychological rich play chess that clinch a deal, go to the life dangerous momently division business is pushed centrally dish we this.

Return a money quickly to come true, develop business in succession exert the lesson that city of building of graph of shopping centers of international of bright and beautiful river adjusts data of all sorts of sales promotion method to be late to development business.

The Shanghai negotiable securities of two many months signs up for last a period of time " building city this momently " large investigation, having takinging house price piece, land piece, foreign capital piece and enter the capital chain that controls an officer piece during, the likelihood is coincidence, the chain of development business capital of in a extremely precarious situation has been shown burst apart evidence, and the price in estate market and clinch a deal got on the quantity the most intuitionistic reflect. This one result, square of be in harmony of accord with alloy we before this forecast, but antedate our anticipation.

To the person henceforth, time visit the Chinese building town of 2008, can be described probably only with deep feeling myriad. This year, development business people experiencing arrive from heaven Tartarean extremely fast experience. Besides " opportunity cosset " Pan Shige and square of one flourishing horn some outside old man, it is OK that delicacy has peacefully of hibernate. Development business people paying more price.

Ego saves atone for to did not abandon. Newest message is, this September, development business people push concentration dish of sales promotion, only company of garden of laurel of Long Hu, green jade, Home Heng Dasan, "Jin Jiuyin 10 " during push dish of gross to amount to more than 40 with respect to edifice of international of Gao Jintian ground. Return a money! Return a money! Return a money! Become group headquarters to be pressed in each district to sell the first class important task on group head. Depreciate, inevitable also subsequently and come.

However, depreciate can cure-all? Data shows: July, long triangle clinchs a deal on behalf of commodity house of the city quantity annulus goes than dropping half, strong always Shanghai house price is to appear more little some drops greatly two into. "This, we can bet the person that buy a house to be able to be bought only ' depreciate ' Zhang. If clinch a deal,the quantity continues atrophic, that has blind lane only really. " speak bluntly of a personage of development company interior.
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