20 million square meters office space market will get together

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August 18 "firepower" of the property market in Lanzho u, the formal introduction of the New Deal, prefer to give housing speculators spoke the "magic." At the same time, the data shows, Lanzhou, will usher in the second half of 20 million square meters of office rare mass market the grand occasion. Appearance of the office market blowout could usher in a new spring? Who will the 20 million square meters of office space will pay for?

Data will be nearly 20 million square meters of office market

SouFun According to statistics, this year, Lanzhou, there will be nearly 20 million square meters of office space collective market, which now includes external promotion of the construction area of 25,000 square meters of the IBC in the Sea International; peace building area of 11 square meters Technology Incubator Building and construction area of nearly 3 million square meters of Yellow impression; located in the eastern district, building area of 20,000 square meters of commercial building projects such as the East Ou.

Looking at the status of the office market in Lanzhou, distribution complex in a downtown area, there is basically one or two office building. From the general location, the current location is circled concentrated Road shopping district, Dongfanghong Square shopping district, South Gate Cross Circle, Cross off the West district, West Point district, Yantan district, one of the few peaceful regions, West is less and less solid. A real estate developer responsible person in an interview that the market supply of large quantities of office, the office market will ease the plight of Lanzhou, improve overall quality office space.

Status of a few pure commercial office

It has been likened to the real estate inside the primary residential and commercial market than for secondary school students, office buildings are college students. The students, it is cultural awareness, knowledge level, a collection of training content.

Lanzhou office whether they have a "college students" meaning it? Jingning Road, office building an electronic company in Shenzhen who think Liu Tao, whether it is the appearance from the floor, property management, equipment preparation, setting conditions, such as parking spaces, the Lanzhou office can be called pure pure business office of the very few less, many are basically residential and commercial office space, the environment noisy, not to the merchant to provide a comfortable office space.

"In all kinds of rental information, office buildings, office buildings coming out high frequency, indicating a high vacancy rate." The industry believes that high office rentals in Lanzhou, in particular the downtown area, at 40 yuan per square meter per month 60 yuan, so some SMEs do not have enough money lease, the brand has anything against the company facilities, property services can not keep up, do not want to hire, resulting in many vacant office buildings reduced to the final position.

Situation 2 is not in place long development cycle management

Reporter learned from the current market, the Lanzhou office called the office can provide a lot of places, but the good remains small commercial buildings.

"Office is different from the residential, construction from the early to late into use, to improve, you need 3 years to 5 years, cycle length, effective slow." Lee in the years that real estate development.

Qin Xiao, Wei-day celebration group vice president, said the office market over the years in disarray, Lanzhou, partly because many companies in the development of property rights will be sold to individuals, which has split a whole, we can not guarantee late property management, facilities but we can not guarantee customer needs, not full co-ordination, so management is in chaos, the phenomenon of fragmentation is inevitable.

He also felt that office space is not a simple office or a large corporate image display, it should have the office outside of business meetings, leisure and other auxiliary functions.

Analysis of advanced hardware facilities to be

Lanzhou Jiaotong University, Real Estate Institute of Liu Yi believes that a large number of new office space market, to improve the Lanzhou office supply, high-quality high-grade office buildings can also attract more high-end companies settled.

Liu Yi said, the state introduced the New Deal regulation, focusing on residential investment under control, but relatively limited commercial real estate offices in more liberal, many investors gradually put money into the office market, Lanzhou property market, too, "from the existing office building in Lanzhou position, the demand exists, supply is limited, more high-end office space to put into use. "

Insiders also believe that the entry of a large number of quality buildings, will form a significant wealth effect, could lead a region to develop a city.

Insiders have suggested that the office is the totem of the market economy, a city proud of choice in the lot together in business areas, transport facilities, a strong business atmosphere; exterior design has a unique cultural character and personality; requires advanced The hardware facilities; with the scale of the extension and expansion of power and business volume rate, while high-end properties require excellent system.

20 million square meters will soon debut a big one, whether "Zhuchaoyinfeng", who will give him a bill, we'll see.