Breath of wind power building body of the Pearl River New City office concept

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Suction into the building to generate electricity, the House of respiration resistant to high-altitude wind speed, energy-saving condensing the ceiling can be achieved ... ... either the Pearl River New City office blocks of where they stand, intelligent people to experience the odd to the modern design technology Wonderful, you will probably think that just described is the legendary "concept of office." Girls favorite glass protection against ultraviolet radiation PricewaterhouseCoopers marketing and promotion Communications Manager Jian Li, now every day in the Pearl River New City Pearl River West, 16th Floor, PricewaterhouseCoopers Centre, the office work. The world's "big four" accounting firm in Guangzhou, one of the points The just moved into the Pearl River New City for three months. And the former compared to Li Jian do not need to enter the elevator and select building houses, but the first in the elevator outside the press 16, two numbers on the keyboard, and then follow the instructions to enter a given power Staircase. This seemingly insignificant change, but can stop in the elevator without fixed duties, the same can save two percent of electricity, reducing Konghao to achieve environmental protection. No. 10 Huaxia Road is located in the R & F Centre, China Merchants Bank gathered, Sohu, Wrigley, Imaje, well-known companies such as Barings Bank. Future work in these companies have to work even if the OL sunscreen do not have to worry not Heart. "All the glass has a radiation protection functions." R & F Center Wang Guoqiang told reporters. Addition to the "beauty function", another major role in radiation protection glass is energy saving, with the building of the VAV variable air volume air conditioning system, Power than conventional office buildings to achieve more than 30%. Unlike the quiet green "concrete jungle" Intelligent office building in the Pearl River New City to move around, a prominent feeling is quiet. Even if the air conditioning running strong, still quiet, "a pin fall on the ground could hear." "This is because the units are set in the building Central core tube. "Wang Guoqiang, the" away from the office area, while enhancing the sound design, traditional air-conditioned office could hear the roar of the white-collar workers here are not likely to interfere. " Despite the row upon row of skyscrapers, white-collar workers who work in the office who has not felt the "concrete jungle" of depression, reflected everywhere within the green building and ecological characteristics. To R & F Center, for example, refer Wang Guoqiang Shao, the first building take full advantage of natural light during the day also can not turn on the lights of office; second building will be "breathing", air-conditioning exhaust system can guarantee 24-hour supply of fresh air. Also the design of office buildings in the environment Ministry to create ecological features, such as the lobby with natural wood as raw materials, in-house is also set small gardens, greening rate of 20%. Design for the world's first wind power In the Pearl River New City, beginning from the design of environmental protection and smart, the smart and environmentally friendly office implanted root "soul." 309.6 meters Pearl City Mansion, known as the new benchmark for the domestic green building. Pearl City location of the building plane 13 degrees to the south east, this angle is not the arbitrary creation of the designer, but another mystery --- this angle can take advantage of the southeast wind, the wind power. In the tower 24 layers and 50 layers, there are two suction outlet, through the four wind turbines for wind power generation system. This design is the first in the world. However, this design has also brought a series of questions: Will the two suction outlet to the building structure and stability of the threat? Suction outlet so that office workers will not produce unbearable noise? Pearl City Chinese knot Structure designer, deputy chief engineer of Guangzhou Design Week be introduced, thanks to the Pearl City project by using the vertical axis wind turbine technology, the generator is running, will not cause the floor near the floor of the resonance, even in the hair Motor group of normal working hours, a hand to touch the base connected part, the basic feel a vibration. Follow the design of the most cutting-edge technology It is understood that within the Pearl City also used breathing glass curtain wall, ceiling radiation cooling using the German technology, it is the first one in Guangdong active shading design of the building. These are the cutting edge in the design industry Technology and ideas. Such a specific environment in Guangzhou, these technologies are constantly and to a new height. Guangzhou Design Institute of Design Studio, Chief Architect Huang Huijing first introduced, considering the wet weather in Guangzhou, how to deal with wet Degree of practice in the South has become an important issue of these technologies, for which the Chinese side of the Pearl City, plus a lot of designers escort independent technology, climate characteristics, on the temperature and humidity control. These are designed to make foreign professionals Admired. Huang Huijing, at present the application of green building the world's best in Germany. Pearl City, most of the technology is from Germany, in the application of appropriate technology will be removed and improved. She said that the CBD hardware The degree of modernization of view, the Pearl River New City in the world can be described as high-end.