Office property market as a whole a good policy to take effect beginning

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CB Richard Ellis Research Department of China in the third quarter of 2010 with brand new Introduction to the Chinese market index. Readers will get more information about the 15 cities monitored in China market information, such as seminars, market trading and future prospects and so on. The overall property market, the positive market sentiment, the gradual recovery of the forum is still the mainstream. Government policy has started to inhibit the onset of some overheated markets senses channel. North China Driven by rising demand, the regional office market rents in North China in the third quarter rose across the board. Meanwhile, Beijing, Dalian and Qingdao have high-quality office projects completed for these new options market more. Add in the supply did not give an impact on the market, in addition to Qingdao office market vacancy rate rose slightly, the other cities vacancy rates continued to fall. Control policy on high-end residential market in Beijing and Dalian are still affected, resulting in the two cities in high-end residential turnover year on year decline in the third quarter, but the impact on other cities is relatively weak. The performance of high-end residential rents are different, Beijing, Tianjin and Qingdao rising rents, steady Dalian, Shenyang down. Total retail sales increased by pulling, the market demand for quality retail properties. Five cities in North China in the quarter, in addition to short-term supply of Shenyang, an increase due to the rapid increase in the same period, demand was not synchronized, resulting in prime retail property vacancy rate, while the other four cities were gradually restored in the background of market demand, the vacancy rate is gradually falling. Logistics facilities in the North China demand growth stimulation, rents rose across the board. East China Economic growth to become more active office market transactions, but at the same time the supply of the market are starting to peak. This quarter, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, office buildings were completed in a few buildings. Increased competition has resulted in lower rent levels in Hangzhou, and Nanjing as higher levels of new Grade A office rents, driving up the overall level of rent, Hangzhou and Nanjing, the vacancy rate this quarter, both by increased. Regulatory Effects of the New Deal gradually weakened, high-end residential sales in the early rebound gradually after the significant reduction, especially in Hangzhou, Ningbo and other areas of private economic activity, investment climate response is more obvious, and promote high-end residential prices rise again, same high-end residential rental remains stable. Driven by the World Expo, Shanghai's rapidly growing retail industry a strong impetus to the business performance. And because new projects had been basically enter the market, this quarter to absorb Shanghai retail rents are for the better performance. On the other hand as a retail summer season, making the second-tier cities is relatively slowed consumer retail, Nanjing market rents decline. Speed up the recovery by the impact of exports, East logistics facilities rental quick rebound. South China The third quarter, strong demand to continue to support Guangzhou and Shenzhen, two prime office leasing market. Both the overall market rent increases are modest, compared the relative performance of Grade A office space better. At the same time, each market has more than 125,000 square meters of new supply, and new supply in the market before rates get a good pre-leasing. Some of the new shopping centers in Shenzhen in the high occupancy rates and increased demand on the basis of bid, and the other ground floor commercial facilities in Shenzhen, the overall quality of the quarter, rents rose 5.5%. Guangzhou quality commercial property market is still in short supply, rents continue past three months relatively high hovering. The next quarter will have a number of plans completed before the Asian Games there new supply is expected to effectively alleviate the supply and demand and stable rental levels. When Guangzhou luxury market is still in the shadow of regulatory policies, the Shenzhen-hand luxury sales market has been a sudden rebound in the sales price of apartments and villas have increased. Leasing market, foreign executives and service apartments are on the housing needs continue to grow. Both the quarter manufacturing companies of high quality logistics facilities in popular sought after, the rent continued to record some gains. Property investment market in the southern region of Guangzhou seemed to outshine others, only after going through a weak quarter in the third quarter has been restored prosperity. During the quarter there were seven property investment deals surfaced, the total estimated amount of investment transactions 53.8 billion. Among them, four transactions closing in the Pearl River New City is the prime office projects under construction, including 93,000 square meters (salable area) Kaisa Plaza. The group of buildings with commercial office project by local developer Hengda Real Estate to total 1.9 billion from the project developer's hands Kaisa Group buy. Also appeared during the quarter has been completed involving operation of commercial facilities, high-quality investment transaction, the buyer is a local large department store retailer Grandbuy. This is the Guangzhou market in the past five years the only large high-quality retail property transactions. Midwest Midwest markets this quarter than in the past one or two more solid quarter, the upgrading of almost all formats is growing demand and strong support for the rent and price performance. Four second-tier cities within the region of high-quality office market currently in a transitional period, a higher quality of building market is also attracting more demand for upgrades, most recently becoming mainstream. The financial industry is the current market, particularly in Chongqing and Chengdu, the most active one of the tenants or buyers, the price of two office buildings have emerged in recent significant increases. Although the seasonal limited new supply of office space, but is expected in the fourth quarter of Chongqing, Chengdu and Wuhan will be the emergence of a supply of small peaks, thereby causing the vacancy rate in the short-term rise. High-end residential prices are still on the rise, mainly because housing prices in the Midwest than in other regions with relatively low, there is still considerable room for growth. In addition, some developers affected by the soaring cost of land, are also constantly upgrading products to attract rich people, a phenomenon more obvious in Chengdu. Quality in four cities this quarter were to enter the commercial market rent off-season and with a small decline in the fourth quarter, in Wuhan, Chongqing and Chengdu supply will significantly increase, there will be further pressure on rents. Concern for the future of new supply most of the shopping center, these cities represent the escalation of the retail business model. As supply increases, leasing activity is expected to be more active, more brand chose to enter this area. But for the owners, which may bring more of their shopping center investment competitive pressure. With domestic consumption and manufacturing migration to the region, the industrial property rentals in the four cities showed stable or rise. June Two Rivers Area of Chongqing, was established following the Shanghai Pudong, Tianjin Binhai New Area in China after the third. New set up in this quarter of the local real estate market have positive effects, new areas of industrial property and the demand for office space showed a gradually rising trend.