Office: the interests of the Battle of the Game chain

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Lo is a service organization to study abroad in Lanzhou, a head of the department, commissioned by the company in April last year to set up offices in Tianshui. Arrived in Tianshui, Mr. Rowe wanted to Find a main road in the city office, but he spent Week, the Democratic Way of Tianshui, building roads, public roads and other busy roads to inspect the city, but also did not find a favorite house. Mr Law's experience is not a case, the same group doing business in Tianshui riverside offices He is responsible, in order to look for a house can be no less frustrating, before and after running for a month, would like to Find a bustling section of office space, but still did not find satisfaction, ultimately, where the main road near the city settled, Start a business. Currently, small and medium enterprises in Tianshui start a company, individual be difficult to find office space in the streets of gold, can only turn to estate agents. According to the city housing agency, a description, so many years, they did not make a single Fully market-oriented operation of the street office business. In their company's total business volume, the rental office business only accounted for two percent. In addition, SMEs have fewer personnel and first consider the cost of renting office, demand the general area of 100 Square meter, there is better accommodation. Conditions of this rental, rent not on the street, only to residential areas to consider. House rent not on the big companies Taikang Life Insurance Company is one of the four life insurance companies, financial strength scale. 2007, stationed in Tianshui has been dwelling in the telecommunications company behind a building on idle. Stands to reason that the Grand Duke Division, should be in the gold section of the city street office. However, according to the company responsible Mr.Wang introduction, Taikang Life Corporation, set up branch offices in China there are strict requirements, the company leased office space to third-tier cities clear property rights Clarity, but also frame houses and hotels and restaurants can not be mixed with entertainment and other units. Such conditions, democracy in Tianshui Road, construction of roads, satisfaction is difficult to find a suitable house. Helpless, they can only hire Telecom 1400 square meters of office space the company annual rent to be only 250,000 yuan. In recent years, many domestic financial, energy large companies, have set up branches in Tianshui. Take the insurance industry, currently 14 insurance companies in the city, 12 home is stationed outside the company, of which only Chinese peace, the people of the two life insurance companies, more prosperous Jiefang Road in the street office, and other various companies, all secondary roads in the city office. And electricity, security, oil gas companies, customs and other Emirates Companies or organizations, comparing the relative position of office location, at the bustling center of the main road, but some companies still slightly less of office space. Rental housing market is not difficult to rent docking Currently, the Democratic Tianshui Road, construction of roads, public road, Jiefang road bustling commercial center of the city, for free market sale or rental of office space is very scarce, most businesses will choose to open the company has leased Wealthy real estate bank or government agency in an attempt to have a good position facing the street. Although very little office space in Tianshui, but office-based, integrated floor office in a busy road there are one or two, is one of Hengtong Building . Since 2005 has been completed, the construction procedures and other reasons, in addition to starting the first floor street shops, the second floor office space above the office, almost all idle resources wasted. To this end, the building owner has Many investment, start building use, but the effect is not obvious.