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Friend of book of " of international of golden Yang Yicheng was met on August 26

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On August 26, international of Yi Cheng of golden in relief · " book friend is met " Vip card extends formally, initiate member will enjoy Yi Cheng international to buy room privilege. It is reported, since ministry of room of carry out of Yi Cheng international is opened oneself, got the intense attention of sanded area citizen, already accumulative total recieves a client only 1000 groups. The integrated advantage of hotel of office building of project house business becomes one of heat issues that the client refers. Powerful commercial function perfected phoenix day highway the urban function of dam of sanded even level ground, offer the person that is here to live later convenient urbanism.

Late on August 26 7: 00, "Shang Liu Chongqing -- activity of float of large books of international of Yi Cheng of golden in relief · " Yu Shaping dam shopping mall is started formally. At the appointed time 500 when 500 general bleaching friend offer to You Jinyang real estate head bleach a book, begin the romantic brigade that bleachs a book. This the activity got sanded district government support energetically, in the meantime, the activity is sponsorred before still just inviting Li Gang of well-known writer Mo Huaiqi, poet, will aid blast. Believe the starting ceremony that day is sure the meeting is very wonderful, let our wait and see what happens.