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Sunshine 100 international new city weekday is formal on August 6 open quotation

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Sunshine 100 international new city, be located in CBD core, with mouth of north of day day door, river, one integrated mass of 3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces, na Bin road is faced on the west, the back is depended on south hill, edge the Yangtse River is continuous 1.2 kilometers, pull two rivers to hand in alone collect, a myriad twinkling lights of a city of the peninsula in change of close look into the distance from a high place, ancient temple of chiliad kind cloud, 1000 Buddha temple divides a north and south. Total program uses ground area: Make an appointment with ratio of 477729 M2 volume: 2.51 total floor area (contain underground) : Do not exceed 1200000m2 fair build: 239360m2 lives: 893220m2 is other: 67420m2 greenbelt leads: 35% always builds height: Highest 50 buildings density: 29.48% lives total a number: Restrict 7444 total living numbers: Make an appointment with parking space of twenty-three thousand eight hundred person: 6000 decorate a state: Clothbound is repaired, sunshine of semifinished product room 100 international new city, cover an area of 800 mus, floor area 1.2 million, assemble fuse hotel of class of form a complete set of modernistic residence, large trade, business affairs form a complete set, 5 stars, bank square of Jiang Bin river, the feature that prosperity of open, integrated, muti_function, ego, ego develops center of sufficient play new city, gather lives, the job, shop, recreational, recreation is an organic whole, live a concept with advanced internationalization person, the modernistic style of make public individual character, build boundless originality of the Great Master with international, the structure that makes new Chongqing future is classical with urban pride. The bus on water of line of link of light rail of traffic form a complete set traffic of bridge of big bridge of the Yangtse River of door of day of day of · of traffic of bridge of channel of bottom of two rivers river: Sunshine 100 international new city is northern 1 kilometer, the big bridge of finishing the Yangtse River of day day door before 2006 connects north and south two areas. In the program east floodgate big bridge, bridge of multiple track of the Yangtse River, with big bridge of existing the Yangtse River, sunshine the peninsula in 100 international new city and change connects cheek by jowl. Channel traffic: The two rivers channel of be well versed in passed along river bottom 2008, river bottom forms hub rotary table, connect two Jiang Sanan. River side traffic: Had transformed river ferry, build " of the bus on " water, get through the passageway on Jiang Sanan's most quick two water. Highway traffic: The Na Bin way of be open to traffic is quick 2001 artery, and Na Bin road 3 period the start working of fast artery project, coordinate the have transport service of line of the outer shroud end 2003, sunshine 100 international new city and " of "8 hour Chongqing are an organic whole repeatedly. Orbit traffic: The line of light rail link in the program, with future 5 track line has sex... the core that commercial form a complete set regards Chongqing as CBD, sunshine 100 programs the 150 thousand commerce form a complete set of smooth rice, spread all over new city center to mix with each community. Square periphery, by office building, hotel skirt building configures high quality scales, large-scale business establishment. Beautify hair like bazaar of large general merchandise, supermarket, bookshop, bank, drugstore, hairdressing, bar and form a complete set of commerce of cafe etc characteristic. Edge river plans below apartment of 11 high levels building of 5 commerce skirt becomes an organic whole repeatedly, form sunshine the commercial depth of 100 international new city, compose built many meters nearly 1000 edge river business street, with flourishing Na Bin the road connects, share stream of people, copolymerization person is angry. Sunshine of the form a complete set inside the area 100 international new city is puissant build Xinchengzhi to connect car type to teach a system, many high quality school is set inside community, arrive from nursery school middle school, with level of outstanding persons qualified to teach, let owner children be in same a blue sky, same a thrive in new city. Sunshine 100 international new city planned center of community medical treatment, the 5th people of south bank the hospital is closer in very close, live new city, with healthy photograph companion. Sunshine 100 international new city, swimming-pool, the high quality scales such as pleasure ground of room of card of center of field of standard tennis court, basketball, fitness, senile activity center, chess, children moves recreational facilities, build healthy and happy surroundings to owner. In gymnastical place place brandish asperses appearance of strong and vigorous body, the beauty that is the health that each owner can appreciate each days. Sunshine 100 international new city, with 180 thousand square metre the program jockeys amply space, adjacent 1: A car comparing of 1, puissant assure prospective international new city live and commercial value. Sunshine 100 international new city, each form a delegation to all set independent gate, 24 hours of security personnel, open open internally, close external, form urban space and interior street the psychological space with central court. Each form a delegation the building inside and SOHO install entrance guard system independently again. Scientific management is added complete how to prevent systematic government to make reside the home not to have care right-down truly. Referenced price: 3900 yuan / square metre

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