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International of golden Yang Yicheng appears on Feng Tianlu: of old city of dim

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Recently, one assembled great theater of standard of hotel of class of shopping mall of commerce of style of office building of the residence, first class, Scotland, 4 stars, internationalization, cinema, confuse your hotel and internationalization the project of large supermarket appears Yu Sha Ou Fengtian road, is this Jin Yang? Yi Cheng international.

As we have learned, is gold in relief? Yi Cheng international is located in Feng Tianlu middle, be located in between fragrant grass ground and project of day arrogant time, answer relatively with Yao of sanded district government. Total floor area 300 thousand square metre, among them commerce makes an appointment with 130 thousand square metre, the residence makes an appointment with 160 thousand square metre, residential part builds composition by 8 34 layer high levels, door model differ to 105 square metre from 35 square metre.

The project is shirt-sleeve live, commerce, shop, a lot of function such as hotel, recreational recreation, structure style gives priority to a line with Ying Lunfeng affection, the England that uses the former juice raw ingredient such as slope housetop builds an element to undertake the face is designed standing, strive provides the living experience like small town of a kind of Ying Lun for habitant. The building on business street of its Scotland style is given priority to with two, every paragraphs of neither establishing a range is identical, true emersion Euramerican business street. Develop business of hope general make the rare mark sex on Feng Tianlu urban landscape.

The market analyses a personage to think, the biggest characteristic of this project is to try to build a kind of brand-new internationalization life pattern in sanded area.

Look from the form a complete set of the project, drafting about 1200 when build great theaters will be the place of another culture consumption besides great theater of people hall and prospective Chongqing, also will turn round sanded area Feng Tianlu " musical highway " nominal state. And standard cinema of class of office building of hotel of 4 stars class, first class, star also will promote sanded area class of recreation of existing business affairs.

This personage thinks, is gold in relief? Since of project of Yi Cheng international indicates sanded area did not come, also be the project that changes sanded area to have commercial situation, it will drive Feng Tianlu board piece rise abruptly, hopeful becomes new center of center of conference of sanded area administration, culture center and business.

Additional, project itself is the synthesis of polymorphous condition property of a high quality, modernization, deliver give a kind contemporary, of culture, commerce the life mode with flourishing, convenient traffic, and this kind of mode is at present the collect of internationalization shops, the contemporary urbanism creed that home of recreational, office, house, recreation is an organic whole, it is representing sanded area to spend the renown area change to modern culture area from traditional article. It is reported, this project already was labelled by sanded district government 2006 priority discipline.
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