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Horn of flourishing of city of golden roc north sits embrace flourishing, lead g

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Already realized the avalokitesvara bridge business of mature operation to encircle, latent capacity property sends force in succession. Be located in avalokitesvara bridge shopping mall the horn of flourishing of city of Jin Peng north by golden source big public house, obtained what issue by association of estate of construction ministry China a few days ago " international house lives the area develops model successfully " honorary title, and before having notting appear to already attracted client of thousands of groups of intent, go to register.

Project sale controller introduces, upgrade as contemporary apartment edition, from the first program blue print of the project, fulfil to what build a design, consult strictly the international of metropolitan center of Shanghai, Hong Kong and even abroad builds a standard, innovation makes the Chongqing that has international life view 180 thousand square metre is panoramic type is contemporary life city.

Force initiate " Boutique delicate life encircles · of core of group of trade of town of · of Chongqing town door " horn of boreal city flourishing, contemporary to city boarding house is delicate, economic, confuse you exalted life undertook be examininged afresh, in living space diversity, building inside and outside of span, building decorates a design to go up, having more the fastidious of the intention; No matter be 44 or the much money of 72 square metre door model, give attention to two or morethings functional sex, comfortable sex and practical.

At present avalokitesvara bridge business encircles commerce to manage an area to already amounted to 1.3 million square metre, commercial atmosphere is to force business encircles the old continuously more -- , emancipatory tablet. Horn of flourishing of city of golden roc north has a city already central park -- , Jia Ling park and avalokitesvara bridge shopping mall, and the source of gold of integrated public place of entertainment with the biggest southwest not nocturnal city, the diverse form a complete set such as the golden source restaurant that exceeds 5 stars level, reside river north to arrive personally again advocate city the hub of principal liaison man of each area, resource dominant position is quite prominent. According to divulging, horn of boreal city flourishing will in September formal open quotation sells the copy.