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Landed edifice shows an industry to collect effect

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The landed edifice that is located in goose mountain is about to greet heavyweight " owner " -- , yesterday, landed edifice develops town of business Chongqing city to build development limited company to divulge, chongqing city is landed group general October formal edifice of headquarters ingoing real estate. What produce a group as the ground is strong garrison, industry affiliated enterprise already began large quantities of one extensive real estate to show intense attention to landed edifice, the industry collects effect preliminary show.

According to divulging, landed group is entered those who be stationed in is landed edifice the layer of 35-40 of a building in 2 tower, this building is first class office building, deploy intelligence to turn management the system mixes 4 meters / the high speed elevator of the second, soft hardware establishment is top-ranking.

As Chongqing city town construction expands the parent company of limited company, the construction that there is a government to gift all the time since group of Chongqing real estate held water in Feburary 2003 oneself uses ground commandeer, land to lay in construction of infrastructure of punish, city to wait for a series of main responsibility, come to 13 billion yuan 3 many years already accumulated the investment that finish, lay in land more than mus 100 thousand, group assets dimensions is as high as 20.8 billion yuan.

Of landed group garrison, affected trades of many extensive real estate " zoology catenary " the sensitive nerve of the enterprise. Current, although landed edifice have not formal open quotation, but already had many construction, development, decorate, advertisement, seek advice, material supplies real estate waiting for extensive the enterprise heads for spot of ministry of building of goose mountain carry out to refer project detailed information related the industry, show garrison strongly apiration.

Good besides the interest that values landed group to be about to garrison, proximate Chongqing city is built appoint, Chongqing city project trades the advantage of the function branch such as the center and market orgnaization, also be the main reason of edifices of these enterprise favour real estate. Many enterprises say frankly, the industry gathers will produce good market atmosphere, business will be begun this pair henceforth and business development affects generation actively.