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Edifice of Chongqing real estate shows a room to enter town definitely

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The item of office building of first business affairs that limited company of development of construction of Chongqing city town makes -- , landed edifice appears on goose mountain, the item of office building of type of this one group that makes by first class office building and business affairs apartment not only soft hardware establishment is top-ranking, and enter town with scarce accurate attitude showing a house.

Be in Chongqing building city, the building Pan Shaozhi that can enter town with allowing to show a house little, office building project is done not have almost more. Landed edifice can break free from conventions, the abundant actual strength that results from town of city of development business Chongqing to build development limited company. As we have learned, this company is a government investment construction project manages professional orgnaization, assumed the numerous city such as museum of abstruse body center, 3 gorge to belong to a government to invest the construction job of major project early or late. Landed edifice is his the item of business affairs office building that high on the foundation of store of former southwest technology level makes.

As we have learned, add up to the landed edifice of 70 thousand square metre is comprised by skirt building and two tower, among them a building is 40 tall first class office building, 2 buildings are 28 tall business affairs apartment. The edifice matchs the intelligence with advanced stock to change administrative system. The edifice is all already and at present finishing, contemporary move is very outside establish a face to appear completely already. As a result of in order to grab eye attitude hero mountain of goose of the peninsula in crouch change is bit more supreme, this edifice solemns to already made bid of new ground of the business affairs in change.

Construction of town of city of development business Chongqing develops limited company to say, predict in September the last ten-day of a month will appear on the market formally sale.