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Did not come to office building of pure business affairs of first class of edifi

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Edifice of change tall future is edifice of Neptune of afterwards of change high group (Neptune is met for peak of city of the 5th Asia-Pacific advocate one of assembly rooms) the another master piece that carry a vessel, be located in national level Chongqing the central position of administration of development of estate of new and high technology, office, finance, market, division garden all the way one street makes boreal end and division garden collect place, proximate and new and high area is in charge of appoint meeting office building, it is new and high area consummate core business affairs handles official bussiness group -- 230 thousand square metre builds change tall square group one of main component, situation is advantageous, traffic is convenient, municipal facilities form a complete set is mature and complete, circumjacent industry condition is plump, electromechanical market, IT market, adornment market, content sheds market everything needed is ready, environment of its corresponding office environment, market environment, traffic environment, industry environment, service form a complete set, it is in light of whole town, be the first of all. Edifice program accumulates 4960 ㎡ with the ground (add up to 7.44 mus) , the building covers an area of 2570 ㎡ (add up to 3.85 mus) , total floor area 42879 ㎡. Edifice overall height 110 meters, by underground 5 annex and 21 tower form 3 garages and equipment room, area. Office building is old in the sky 2 layer upon layer 8.7 meters tall, the area makes an appointment with 600 ㎡; Business room head is layer upon layer 4.5 meters tall, the others is 4.2 meters, office building layer is 3.6 meters tall. The wall outside the edifice is acted the role of spend granite with wall of act of large area glass and Hei Bing, advocate establish a range eastwards, garden of division of skirt building edge is mixed all the way division garden one market position, tower thing to layout, thing bizygomatic breadth is more than depth of north and south, thing face is arc model, whole modelling likes the regular boat that hoists the sails to fleet by wind. 10 brands elevator (among them 2 panorama lift) , 5 capacious stair well, fluctuation is convenient; Business the toilet that the toilet that the room makes an appointment with 70 ㎡ every layers and office building make an appointment with 50 ㎡ every layers, sufficient show atmosphere; Luxurious the 600 ㎡ that decorate are big, 2.4 meters wide advocate corridor, make edifice more show style beautiful. The edifice still used new-style data in great quantities, the heat preservation of hollow, low radiation that accumulates like bedding face falls clad steel of heat preservation of entrance of United States of; of glass of Low-E of a confusion of voices board, green, energy-saving, environmental protection. The edifice returns configuration to gush of intelligent changes in temperature central air conditioning, fire control drenchs call the police, photograph be transmitted like monitoring, information and garage management system and by intelligence security personnel system is mixed control energy-saving system oneself, the Lou Yuzhi that system of this two big main functions forms can change administrative system, sufficient body reveals the advantage of the edifice and advanced sex. Additional configuration has the dynamo of a 500kw, make sure how the edifice is prevented with report; Subterranean three-layer setting has 200 cars garage. Annex floor bearings the quantity is 300kg/ ㎡, office building floor bearings the quantity is 200kg/ ㎡. Invite the property management company that passed attestation of ISO9002 quality system to undertake administrative, for the edifice innovation gives perfect business affairs environment. Is change tall? Contemporary, exterior decorates modelling of prospective edifice building all ready, natural lighting, intelligence changes facilities of facilities of air of structure of high-grade and luxuriant, space, form a complete set system of floor space control is advanced. Prospective edifice is company of change high group dedicates wholeheartedly office building of whole town of everybody's top-ranking first class pure business affairs.

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