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Happy event of gold foil Lou Panmo Chongqing showing a body will enter internati

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Autumn room is handed in this year during the meeting, the Lou Panmo that first Quan Jinbo makes Chongqing come to happy event of Chongqing showing a body to enter international center. It is reported, by development business goes this heavy endowment made golden building dish had placed in Na Bin Lu Xilai records sale center scene.

The building that why spends heavy gold to make a complete gold foil dish model? Develop Shang Taizheng group to introduce, gold foil Lou Panmo express exalted, big implement feel with class, this follows be fond of be identical of photograph of the character that will ascend, dimensions. Chongqing happy event will enter international center total floor area 160 thousand square metre, office of room of collect travel sightseeing, hotel, business affairs, meal shops wait for a function at an organic whole. The management of this project just amounts to the restaurant brand happy event with the biggest dimensions of house group commander to ascend to be fond of. Recently, chongqing happy event will ascend hotel and happy event to ascend international center project to design plan to already was examined and approve through municipal government, the mark sex building of edifice of star of Gemini of kuala lumpur of a be similar in shape will show way of body Na Bin.

Happy event will ascend a project to include happy event will ascend intelligence of hotel, super 5A to change apartment block of office building and SOHO platinum gold. 42 tall Gemini tower are the most conspicuous place, a tower is used at hotel of 5 stars class, another tower uses as intelligence converts office building, both will join by an air corridor. In the back of Gemini tower, will build a two SOHO building, the periphery of Gemini tower will form an international business street area. Current, door model the area is in the Jin Kazheng of platinum of course of study of SOHO apartment buy of 28-60 square metre is in hot put on sale.