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Office building of Chongqing star class appears on Long Hu on the west street co

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Long Hu comes out yesterday message, let a person expect long already essence of life of city weather market decorates apartment of small family SOHO to be about to appear formally on the west. Concerned personage discloses, dragon lake respect plans to roll out a among them above all, add up to 480, the small family that the area is 36-50 square metre. Long Hu concerns personage introduction, street constellation is the · that Long Hu is in shopping mall of Home Yang level ground on the west on the west the one part of city weather market, program design builds stylist association member by the United States, because have to public construction,contribution is highlighted in world design domain and famed black li of Er design office carry program. Of 250 thousand square metre city weather market includes two Mall of business of fashion of 78 thousand square metre, clothbound to build the state of course of study such as office building of class of apartment of small family business affairs, star on the west, and be about to appear this, it is two clothbound build boarding house of small family business affairs among them. According to introducing, 2002, long Hu also is in with on the west the central a sector of an area with street similar constellation rolls out the first " constellation " product, boreal bank constellation, created Chongqing open quotation 8 hours to make work namely the market miracle of exhaust. Current, the rental rate of boreal bank constellation was achieved nearly 100% , and the hire of every month is more ceaseless climb rise to be controlled to 1500 yuan. Ever since, long Hu is ceaseless him refresh record, the 2nd " constellation " work crystal constellation was to create more look dish make work 4 hours namely the miracle of exhaust. The personage inside course of study is analysed, on the west the investment value of street constellation, no less than boreal bank constellation, have better prospect even. Because at present the commerce of group of trade of Home Yang level ground still is in development phase, the consumptive gas field of the diversity that did not form a concentration, what cannot satisfy modern city person to like is one-stop consume kind, accordingly not only the disappear of the area outside be being attracted hard is arduous, and the person that lives in this area also feels disadvantageous, cause this locality to consume ability a large number of prediction of a person's luck in a given year arrive outskirt. The commerce that city weather market regards dragon lake real estate as 6 years urban center on the west hards iron, it is Long Hu is entered first not only on the west the first work of the city, also be Long Hu in market of boreal city weather after make a great coup once more another when add writes " weather market traffic is mythological " , will change situation of trade of Home Yang level ground and urban image thoroughly. Accordingly, a lot of person that buy a house very value on the west city constellation. It is reported, the person buy a house that heads for Long Hu to register at present has exceeded 1600 person-time, and, the client that states whole layer is bought clearly is absent a few. This has 480 small family clothbound to build business affairs boarding house only to in advance on the west for street constellation, write add again " dragon lake constellation " legend.

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