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New business affairs of the advantage in landed edifice change

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Center of Chongqing tradition business affairs is in all the time emancipatory tablet, serve as with the area in whole change diffuse, the business affairs in change is being made after clear temple, two crossing tighten therewith on two new foothold. The figure that landed edifice regards the area in change as new business affairs appears, challenge a tradition with new business affairs pattern, the peak in goose mountain, tell about a legend.

Office building of international 5A first class

Landed edifice is center of business affairs of intelligence of 5A first class, by two tower composition, landed edifice a building and 2 buildings. Fixed position of a building is landed edifice group headquarters base, odd level accumulates 1330 square metre, at present already the large company such as investment of bissextile abundant of landed group, Hong Kong flourishing group, Shanghai is entered first halt. 2 buildings fixed position is landed edifice ground of admiral of small and medium sized business (business affairs Studio) , by freedom of 30-90 square metre independent unit comprises combined-type. Dinkum professional office building, by first class office building ground level configures hardware establishment, 5 exclusive elevator of 3 water chestnut, Lou Yuzhi can change intelligence of system, security personnel to change intelligence of system, fire control change a system; Configuration of skirt building 1F-5F has the business affairs such as center of center of Chinese meal of hall of gymnastical center, coffee, business affairs, business affairs, conference establishment of form a complete set, in order to satisfy the requirement of owner many sided.

Convenient business affairs

Road of the Yangtse River, highway of 6 driveway state guest is proximate traverse, with each area extend in all directions, hand in aperient nimble not to have block, more goose mountain is built appoint garages of next project of break-through road link, the advantage is enjoyed alone, more Gao Jiulu is improved advocate city traffic, be apart from emancipatory tablet CBD only Cheng of 10 minutes of cars, airport 20 minutes, the railway station is in nearly very close, 15 minutes join advocate city fastness of center of 5 large areas, geographical advantage is clear, the important rigid of advantage new business affairs is propped up.

Ground mark business affairs

The peak of goose mountain, altitude 345 meters, always cover an area of a face to accumulate 73330 square metre, 40 absolutely height, chongqing advocate the office building with city top height above sea level, the ground mark in ground mark is built, contemporary move establishs outside strong, area is lain between apparent. Look down at Zhuang Lan of world trade edifice, two rivers, advocate 5 areas all receive the city eye ground, the homage class surveyor's pole of company image is built.

Zoology business affairs

Surplus figure closes, goose mountain park advocate city country green lung is daily release fresh oxygen is ionic, be stationed in barback of green of Yu Mou a group army; 10 thousand mus verdant the earth all is caught; Base of Chongqing city nursery is lush and green.
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