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[Guide language] Miss Wang, because add up to the associate that hire to retreat,hired recently, oneself should assume 900 yuan / lunar hire, impose property administration fee every months 80 multivariate, water and electricity is waited a moment, cost 1000 yuan of above every months. Miss Wang feels this money is spent very. The money that makes landlord one year is about more than 10000, come down one year, oneself are what money was not put. If can seek price of a few houses 3500 yuan / the word of the house of ㎡, the house of 70 much square metre is handed in tens of thousands of head period, every month in and month out is controlled for also needing 1000 yuan only. And the house that those who live still is him. To solve house problem, miss Wang begins advertent market to go up, house price 3500 yuan / the building that ㎡ controls dish.

In Guangzhou annual the market gross of 10 million square metre issues requirement, the residence is opened to booking clinch a deal all price already rose nearly 5000 yuan / ㎡, 3500 yuan / ㎡ left and right sides or the following building dish belong to economy building dish, this kind of building dish suit quite first the family that the youth of buy course of study or lunar income influence 5000 yuan: Month of lunar hire = mortgages a paragraph, hire a room to be inferior to buying a house.

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Economy building dish because ad volume is little, market influence is little also, a lot of do not notice to buy a place. Add upside to divide low dish ever appeared of all kinds dispute, make building dish slow-moving and old. This makes consumer right more this kind of building dish the attitude that supports preservation. However, the defects cannot obscure the virtues, economy building dish inside still have quite one part is excellent product. The Jin Bixin city on road of stone of the pieplant that be like constant, firm open quotation when be less than 3000 yuan / of ㎡ all valence, bring up an upsurge. Although Jin Bixin city is located in,compare a suburb, but because price is inferior,mix quality is higher, the upsurge of scare buying was formed inside the market. And the unit house price that develops then also maintains in all valence 3300 yuan / ㎡ left and right sides, the village leaves one year repeatedly 3 period. Special get citizen reception. The dragon bay square this year, embellish fills the low building such as garden of zoology of garden, samite dish, also be in sale period occurrence flourishing sells the effect. Look carefully, low dish in also the product with sexual higher than comparativing price.

Look only from area, the economy that fragrant village is be worthy of building dish centrally. And many buildings dish deserve to have market of supermarket, pork, and the perfect municipal life form a complete set such as bank, post office and school, area traffic is extremely convenient also. Pledge with respect to Lou Pansu and character, fragrant village building dish although have inadequacy, the adult rate of form a complete set of life of area of itself of Dan Congfang village looks, fragrant village building dish the building that does not compare other area dish poor, and the life cost of fragrant village is otherer than Guangzhou urban district area is small, apply mechanically a word of native of fragrant village person, namely, “ lives in the city to enjoy rural price however. The Jin Lanyuan of ” fragrant village and golden path garden all are located in near station of subway of fragrant village pithead, still have each area of Guangzhou of contact of many 30 public transportation circuitry at the same time, in addition, before mouth of fragrant village passenger station, subway still has multichannel car even, go to bead each city reachs trigonometry provincial other area, traffic is very convenient. As have quite the building of dimensions dish village, the have as an attached institution inside Jin Lanyuan has the establishment of elementary school, nursery school, supermarket, life form a complete set such as the market, and inside golden path garden more have as an attached institution has the establishment of form a complete set such as middle school and post office and bank, the life that occupy the home is very easy.
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