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Sell public house unit defeats production employment to expend this to be assume

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The 2nd, unit of carry out house by suspend payment hind, did not bear unit, but liquidate through the liquidation group that establishs lawfully, according to the program of repay a debt that law sets, repaying after unit place owes total debt, if still have odd capital fund, when unit worker can buy public house according to be in at the outset, unit place the made written commitment that pays fee of property of particular fixed number of year to the worker, to liquidation group application asks its give cash, give property company to pay property fee for the worker by liquidation group through certain kind. In practice, because unit acceptance is assumed for its,a lot of workers are property is mixed other a few charge, just be willing to buy public house, what make to unit place so is written and affirmatory, the worker must have kept, because this is likely,safeguard the legal evidence of oneself rights and interests in the future namely. Property of this kind of circumstance is expended also need not resident is assumed, property company can be taken together with resident go bankrupt the written consent of the unit asks for property to expend to liquidation group.

The 3rd, unit of carry out house by suspend payment, did not bear unit, pass the liquidation of liquidation group, already serious endowment not pay a debt in kind or by labour, the unit does not have any asset, to this kind of circumstance, go bankrupt unit worker does not have the foundation that can rely on, and property cost must be gotten again hand in, basis " civil code general rule " “ whose accrual, who assumes the basic principle of ” , the result can be him resident will assume only. Resident cannot pay property fee with respect to refus because of oneself economy difficulty, what also do not think to live is a room change a room to be mixed the treatment of average commodity room is different. For the administrative point of view from property company, it is same that the room changes room and commodity house, if resident refus is handed in, property company is OK basis and resident sign " housing convention " , will ask resident undertakes responsibility of breach of contract.

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