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Southern net dispatch serves as common the person that buy a building, one foot steps into a selling office, face the salesperson of have a glib tongue, be surrounded by the propagandist data place of brightly colored, can you still hold sober head? See the person of building experience know a bit a bit, buy a room to be enrolled as passing with ” of ace of “ Wu Lin, ” of ” of ” of a lot of “ shade action, “ danger action, “ unique skill must be prevented. ” of doorsill of the “ in this and listen in fall to slowly come ……
Annulus number owns planning this kind of kind learn to come over from Taiwan, Hong Kong. Spoken parts in an opera is to want to pin you from imposing manner, let you with
Good for this house annul. Obtain order, do you agree to abandon easily? In the crowd of snap up queueing up, who knows to have “ to hold in the palm among them ” ? Inside the circle, ask a friend or employ “ to hold energy of life of ” collect person in the palm directly, it is means of idiomatic hype of a kind of ego. So, walk into a selling office when you, see inside when in full swing, ten million not impatient, weigh in the hand carefully one time: Is how many person there is heartfelt those who buy a house?

Some link are the thing that form changes in the sale, for instance visiting example room, intelligence is changed etc. During this, the salesperson can locate secretly the client's demand. No matter a village has how many house, salesperson majority can take a client to look only among them 3 (very medium poor) . Because they think, look to need more excessive, the client can run for certain. When so you see a building, might as well the requirement sees a few more.

When open quotation, development business publicizes effect considering advertisement, regular meeting takes out a few rooms, do special offer privilege greatly. If you want to buy special offer house, also want to want: Can these houses be the poor house on opposite meaning?

Development business is in when making large-scale propaganda, accept only normally book, and the requirement that does not understand a client to buy. Even if client is willing to pay deposit not to close intentionally also ahead of schedule, must deal with to ability. This is to be in actually the client is applied pressure. Arrived some month some day, came at a draught tens of even about a hundred client, 56 some clients contend for a house. If ideal house was done not have, you perhaps can be retreated and beg next. Nervous atmosphere “ forces ” gets you to wanting to want a house only, and other issues are not considered on considered. Be sure to keep in mind, the person jumps over a long time to want keep one's hair on more.

Do not put the view on example room, the eye that must employ oneself, ear looks carefully to the spot. Some salespersons come up to wash brain ” to client “ , tell you example house decorate how be like He Hao, used jar of some brand bath, and the other question that a bit does not raise a house. To finally, stayed only in client brain a bit: “ decorates pretty good really ” . Be sure to keep in mind: You go buying a house, do not listen to a salesperson to say example room dress. (editor: Chen Jian civilian Fu Yu)
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