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Consume caution: Period room buys 4 big " key "

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Of building business contract signing is conditional, content and form all are gotten lawful, it is illegimate otherwise or invalid agreement. Carry out room person must have building droit or land access, have no right to make work otherwise room; The contract had better introduce standard text version, by " demonstrative text of contract of commodity house purchase and sale " sign. Be worth what carry is, break the law or violate the rules and regulations, property right has dispute, country to already decided commandeer or the building that tear open change and all religion building and the cultural relic place of historic interest that get governmental protection to wait, must not form business contract. Additional, party of building buyers and sellers must have complete behavior capacity, the person that does not have civil action competence and minor must not sign business contract. Of course, of the contract sign must be on freewill, equal, true foundation undertake, any one party are not gotten with coax, con and even threatening wait for method autograph to make an appointment with. For careful for the purpose of, when the contract is signed, had better ask lawyer or connoisseur to take the place of from legal angle you examine a contract, prevent rise to a bait, in order to reduce needless loss.  

3, not digital game be duped

In the process that buy a house, house property business often is in the area is metric reach the “ on the number such as the date that make a room to think ” . Although set to valuation of usable floor area is pressed when selling, but actually all with floor area valuation, measure an area actually often as provisional as the contract area has by accident P, general this error must not is more than 5% , otherwise consumer has authority to complain house property business. And some house property business use consumer to get error chance to the deficiency of relevant knowledge, fill only less to be not retreated more or return a house. Those who return some to use share is mutual and common floor area seeks an opportunity in the error on understanding, let your “ buy a teacup, give a thermos flask ” , entrap the person that buy a house. Actually, capital is insufficient and what delay makes a room is common also, they often are in open to booking full text is made on the contract, play game, the prevaricate of better and vague language such as the ” after using ” of “ date of completion or “ village form a complete set to finish, ” after “ quality is checked and accept. To this, when the autograph that buy a house is made an appointment with, must be perceptive of the slightest, the regulation makes a room some days and make clear delay responsibility.

4, cursory autograph arranges issue much

To invalid agreement, can apply for people court or arbitral orgnaization change or cancel. The agreement once become effective, if consign deposit square break a contact does not get all alone to return deposit, collection square beak a contract is gotten times doubler return return deposit. For this, be sure to think calmly before start to write or draw, balance repeatedly, if do not have pair of projects to have sufficient knowledge, had better not initial subscribe agreement, otherwise future trouble is boundless. When the autograph is made an appointment with, should be being distinguished is intent contract still buy a house formal bond, the guiding new treaty wording that text format uses construction ministry to be issued recently had better, reach its to handle all content to the outfit at the beginning of time of position of total prices money, payment, deposit, building, quality, administrative levels, area, delivery, interior, responsibility of breach of contract due agreement. Those who require an attention is, in compensatory agreement development business often sets his disclaimer, the responsibility that carries certain promise and risk marry again arrive on body of the person that buy a house. If stipulate “ develops business to answer Yu Mou some a few days ago consign building, but the nature that encounters manpower to cannot be defied encounters unusual difficulty in calamity, construction or great technology issue cannot be solved in time, etc blame develops business can when the force majeure delay such as pilot element makes a room, do not assume any responsibility ” , the person that buy a house passive, probable meeting is in long-term worry because of cannot making a room on time in. At this moment, you can revise this what for “ occurrence law sets to cannot fight incident, last in force majeure during inside, absolve development business delay to meet the duty of the room. ” is so before dispute much more active. Accordingly, the person that buy a house is in when buying a house, want to look to be chosen more more, goods comparing is not in an unfavorable situation 3 times, should take the close sex of the contract seriously particularly, not press at will imprint sign, muddleheaded ground lets illegal development business give black.
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