What kind of quality problem can be retreated, change a room

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Editor comrade: Recently, my home bought to build the house, after be being entered, discover the building has some of quality problem however, do not know whether return a house or change a room? Excuse me, below what circumstance, can you return a house according to the regulation or change a room? Zhang Wenxiang

Answer: The main body structure that every builds the house is judged to be unqualified person, can make retreat, the processing that change a room. The main body structure that builds the house produces quality problem, should develop an enterprise to entrust punish of quality of classics town house to do commendatory professional unit to undertake detecting by house property, and by committee of experts proves his to detect result, define the quality of quality problem. If main body structure is unqualified person, give exchange a purchase, conversely, should invite the construction unit that has experience to go up to the structure by company of house property development the quality problem of existence undertakes rectifying and reform reparative.

The authority that works to ensure residential quality detects and just sex, recommend Shanghai building quality to detect at present station and quality of building of academy of Shanghai building science detect the station attends detect the job. These two first class detect the unit is special to what issue severally detect responsibility of report negative law.