[City of 2] Shenzhen building also is in bear the discount depreciates suffer

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South a mountainous area it is the special zone is pushed dish key piece area, share 3 projects to be in sale. Before the sea piece the leisurely hill beautiful ground of the area, it is small family unit entirely, with semifinished product the room is sold when open quotation, but later period takes clothbound to build a sale however. Before the sea piece the another project of the area " Lei Zhen 0755 " , the two houses unit of 85 square metre gives priority to force door model, also be to take clothbound to build put on sale.

Nevertheless, a lot of buildings dish sale state still is special not ideal.

The whole line of open quotation price is small go, bring about Shenzhen city building city clinched a deal January price goes low.

The data of branch of Shenzhen city land shows, house of commodity of Shenzhen city skill clinched a deal January 209 thousand square metre, with on comparing of phase of the moon decreases further, with photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year drop 74 % .

Shenzhen city clinched a deal January all valence every square metre 14737 yuan, with on comparing of phase of the moon falls achieve 8 % , appear to drop rarely in last few years.

In the meantime, house of the commodity inside the special zone all price falls first after high speed rose last year in June every square metre 20 thousand yuan the following, and fall bigger, drop than December 2007 23.32 % , for every square metre 19854 yuan.

"House price does not fall a price that is accepted generally by the market, the building city of Shenzhen is very difficult get warm again after a cold spell. " battalion of city of courtyard of division of Shenzhen city company carries Gao Haiyan of research center director is forecasted, shenzhen house price can fall first again firm, hopeful is returned 2006 annual all price level or summary prep above this all valence, namely 10 thousand ~1.1 10 thousand yuan / square metre, reasonable house price should be compared 2007 all price falls at least 15% above.