Tianjin will be built exceed hotel of 7 stars class

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2010, tianjin will build a 50 thousand square metre " exceed hotel of 7 stars class " . According to the investment of this hotel investment of business China for generations accuses a group president Yu Jinyong (guest of Yu Jinyong rich, yu Jinyong news, yu Jinyong says) the introduction, exceed hotel of 7 stars class to invest 1.5 billion yuan of RMBs, to it of form a complete set still have the relevant establishment such as center of conference of office building of class A intelligence, international, large ShoppingMall, investment makes an appointment with 3.5 billion yuan of RMBs, project in April 2008 start working, predict in October 2010 complete.

Russian plute buys next worlds the most expensive a person of extraordinary powers curtilage

Russia plute rice breathed out Luo Huoluo's husband of general of Yi Er · to buy low of A Er of French south seaside in order to be as high as the price of 496 million euro this the villa that the province builds at the beginning of 20 centuries, this villa is become accordingly the private house with top price clinchs a deal on the world. Villa of this garden type is Belgian kingly Liaobode 2 worlds built 1902, villatic before the widow that host is banker of a Switzerland. 2007, the United States " Forbes " the magazine ever chose this villa it is one of 10 big the most expensive private houses of world.

American a person of extraordinary powers curtilage 24K gold is costly decorate

Husband of Nuo of rich of thunder of magnate of Russia chemical fertilizer lists a husband with 100 million dollar (add up to a RMB about 680 million yuan) bought landed magnate at high price Telangpu a of v/arc sale at reduced prices, of residence of refresh United States clinch a deal price record; And the decorate inside the house is to use 24K gold stock and marble to make, connect a bathroom same also.
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