Tianjin city appeared on the market accumulative total 2008 sixty-two thousand t

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Solve for appropriate tear open change to find a place for problem, tianjin city develops the relevant section such as construction to break free from conventions, discharge time limit for a project, concentration is binding deal with all sorts of formalities, accelerate construction of new project start working. In ensuring implementation housing ensures a project build 3.8 million square metre this year, offer sixty-two thousand three hundred economy the target of applicable room. In the meantime, this city optimizes building function distribution ceaselessly, make the building is designed more human nature is changed.

Since 2008, this city accelerates directional sale and municipal infrastructure to tear open change directional find a place for applicable room builds two kinds of economy. At present this city has 14 projects, add up to 29 thousand 1.7 million square metre, economy are applicable room start working is built and already all faced social sale. Applicable room has these economy better form a complete set and traffic advantage condition, be welcomed by masses.

In the meantime, applicable room takes this city economy human nature changes a design, to get used to the diverse demand that low income family lives, below branch of canal of city land room and the premise that raising building area about the branch, two bedrooms door model scale rises 80% , in order to go to the lavatory life daily life, children study, take care of the demand such as the old person. Optimize building function distribution, reasonable use the balcony and corridor space, had handled every detail, had used each square metre, decrease equally shared area, raise rate giving a room, the contented family that tear open change finds a place for need.
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