10 thousand divisions depreciate tide shows ferry city expert hard to say Tianji

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Recently, the project below the division of 10 thousand divisions of and other places of Shanghai, Hangzhou rolls out sales promotion activity in succession, the big bear of extent of partial project privilege says unprecedented. And depreciate to undertake wetly as this dynamic, the common people of city of place of 10 thousand divisions people begin ready to do sth, 10 thousand divisions all show the expert inside Tianjin course of study and Tianjin, the house price of Tianjin won't depreciate as this wet and fall.

Headquarters of 10 thousand divisions

Sales promotion is not affected concern with the client

The reporter understands from headquarters of 10 thousand divisions, countrywide each district 10 thousand divisions are to be managed independently, depreciating also is the behavior of each district, headquarters of 10 thousand divisions won't be right one knife cuts the house price of each district. As to hit the value that lose to be able to go up again, the relevant personage of headquarters of 10 thousand divisions discloses, the market expects hard, house price also should decide according to the development state of affairs of the market, bad still now to say to be able to go up.

On September 3, 10 thousand divisions rolled out Hangzhou " young buy course of study of 10 years plans 10 thousand branches " , rolled out favourable room source in all that day 216, implementation sold subscribe that day 133, rate of subscribe of a cycle of songs in a traditional opera is amounted to 61.5% , subscribe amount 108 million. On September 4, 10 thousand divisions took out Hangzhou again source of room of 220 low total prices adds plan of young buy job, realized subscribe in all that day 112, push subscribe of a cycle of songs in a traditional opera newly to lead 45% , subscribe amount is made an appointment with 105 million. Be aimed at the room source that adds this, many old owner expressed doubt. 10 thousand divisions explain, add favourable room source, it is to consider market echo and measure of source of odd activity room, the rigid demand of Hangzhou market is objective existence, adding room source is for in order to satisfy client requirement.
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