Project of plot of Tianjin new open a way will adjourn deep brace up industry sa

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Prepare in countrywide real-estate industry " hibernate " when, deep brace up the exposure in the half annals of course of study, the start working of delay of project of Tianjin new open a way that decides the start working end 2008 formerly. Last year, shenzhen brace up course of study ever was bought with 10 more than price river east area new open a way one plot, achieve in those days " ground king " record.

Lived 2007 with the ground " ground king "

On August 2, 2007, shenzhen brace up trade group with total prices one billion and sixty million one hundred thousand contest must be located in a river east live one piece of area new open a way with the ground. According to announcement, this plot area 36841.1 square metre, floor area 120400 square metre, think price of this plot floor is as high as 8800 yuan after business accounting of the personage inside course of study / square metre, this price break the Jindeji a day ago is round the lot that takes in a sector of an area of a bridge, become Tianjin lived 2007 of the be worthy of that use the land " ground king " .

Plot of new open a way is expressed great expectations

Deep brace up course of study holds great expectations to plot of Tianjin new open a way. Be in early March 2007, brace up trade group with Tianjin city river east district government was signed " brace up trade group and Tianjin river east agreement of framework of area strategy collaboration " . Took the land in August, plot is located in new open a way east side, it is place of area of Tianjin CBD core. In brace up course of study looks, have this land to indicate the move is deep brace up course of study lands Tianjin formally, march annulus Bohai Sea.
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