Tianjin China peaceful is decreased twice one year early or late hold ferry bank

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Ferry bank develops (000897.SZ) announcement says now, company shareholder trades through amassing contest value means is decreased hold company share, add up to sixteen million four hundred and six thousand.

Announcement shows, hua Tai of Tianjin of partner of ferry bank development accuses a group Inc. (next weighing " Tianjin Hua Tai " ) through centering contest price to trade means came to was decreased on January 1, 2008 on December 26, 2007 hold company share six million three hundred and fifty-three thousand three hundred, occupy at that time 0.55% of company total capital stock. And came on August 20, 2008 on September 8, 2008, tianjin China peaceful is decreased again hold company share ten million and fifty-two thousand seven hundred, 0.62% what hold company total capital stock.