Peaceful of Tianjin seaside new developed area is amounted to board piece lead r

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Peaceful is amounted to board piece be located in inside the developing zone, road is by mix to the ave that give priority to with 13 things 4 north and south to region composition. The perforative Taidana such as road of hole front courtyard, Yellow Sea road, Nanhai road main artery of north, join 13 the ave of the thing organic be in harmony for an organic whole.

Peaceful amounts to impression

Modern transportation network interweaves form

Peaceful amounts to expanse of the road inside living area, main traffic artery is two-way 3 driveway, because this car is here OK and expedite travel, not only such, circuitry of the public traffic inside area also extend in all directions, be like 937, 936, the 805 road, 503 public transportation circuitry such as the road, these buses are led to not only board piece inside, still have to urban district of pond buy area, Tianjin.

Light course, contact developing zone and Tianjin urban district closely more closely. Sit from Zhongshan door light course needs many minutes 40 to be able to arrive at peaceful to amount to living area only.

In addition, amount to from the peaceful end 2006 board piece of railroad car enlightened, also let the people inside area experience more convenient, quick with comfortable vehicle.

Green environment establishs appropriate to reside a foundation

Peaceful is amounted to board piece the world that it may be said is a green, and tall afforest rate is advisable also house the city zone laid a foundation. Be in board piece inside, besides basic afforest, street greenbelt, park greenbelt built beautiful environment jointly. The area that is located in park of peaceful abundant center is 210 thousand the left and right sides that make the same score rice, it is the park that the developing zone opens type the first times at present, also be the park with developing zone the largest area; Silvan park is the park that opens type partly, the area of its greenbelt is a few times of peaceful abundant park; And the afforest belt length before development management committee spends many meters 1000, 10 meters or so wide, perforative also whole developing zone.
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